If you are bored with Eplény and the other Hungarian ski trails, but do not want to travel a lot or book accommodation for a fortune, these destinations are definitely for you.

Although there are opportunities for ski lovers in Hungary as well, you still have plenty of opportunities abroad in the neighbouring countries for a perfect one-day trip. Here are some of the closest destinations around Hungary according to Lobu.hu.

1. Hochkar

Hochkar is one of the most famous Austrian skiing resorts and is less than three hours away from Sopron. Its ski trails are 19 km long. Obviously, there are many longer ones in Austria, but surely not ones fitting everyone’s needs from beginners to advanced skiers.

2. Unterberg

Untenberg, similarly to Hockhar, is easy to approach from Hungary as it is less than three hours away from Győr. Its beauty makes it surely one of a kind, but beauty comes at a price: there are not too many ski lifts. The slopes fit the needs of beginners and intermediate skiers.

3. Chopok – Jasná

Chopok-Jasna is easily accessible from Northern Hungary with a three-hour drive to Slovakia. It is one of the most popular Slovak ski resorts, having a 45 km long trail system with a 1000m height difference, which should be a real challenge even for experienced skiers. During the best years, the skiing season could last even for five months here.

4. Donovaly

It is one of the most well-known Slovak ski centres less than three hours away from Budapest. This one is the most popular among Hungarians, as many improvements have been carried out during the recent years, providing first-class services to their guests in a beautiful environment. The length of the trails is about 11 km long, and every inch of it is easily accessible by ski lifts.

5. Maribor – Pohorje

The trip to Maribor – Pohorje takes a little more than three hours from Budapest, although this one is almost the closest ski resort to Hungary, having 41 km long trail. Half of the trails are for beginners, but advanced skiers could challenge themselves with another trail with almost the same length.

6. Rogla

It also takes approximately three hours to travel to Rogla from Lake Balaton. They have a skiing school, a freestyle park and a cross-country trail awaits those who want to do something else besides skiing. The trails are 12 km long, with a 500 m height difference, but the trails begin above 1000 m.

Source: Lobu.hu

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