Data was revealed from February 2020 about Hungarian politicians’ popularity along with a ranking about who the favourites of Hungarian citizens are. 

HVG reported that it was a general fact that the politicians of the Fidesz Party are more popular than others, as more Fidesz voters answered the survey than the supporters of other parties. 

The top three Hungarian politicians are

  1. János Áder (reputation: 93%, popularity: 52%)
  2. Viktor Orbán (reputation: 99%, popularity: 49%)
  3. Mihály Varga (reputation: 76%, popularity: 47%)

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán made it onto the list of foreign politicians and public figures whose work is valued the most by the Czech public opinion.

He finished high on the list of eleven people. The results of the survey conducted by the STEM Institute in Prague were published in August 2019. The national survey collected data in June, revealing that the Czechs value Slovakian head of state Zuzana Caputová the most out of any foreign politician or public figure.

Others include: 

Politician Reputation Popularity  
Péter Szíjjártó 90% 46%  
Gergely Karácsony 90% 43%  
Sándor Pintér 89% 38%  
Katalin Novák 75% 36%  
Antal Rogán 92% 35%  
Gergely Gulyás 76% 34%  
Ferenc Gyurcsány 96% 24%  
Máté Kocsis 64% 37%  
Klára Dobrev 84% 31%  

From the political party called DK, Klára Dobrev is still the most liked and least rejected politican, more so than Ferenc Gyurcsány. 

Featured image: MTI

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