The situation is dire in the poorest regions of Hungary as it has been reported that even the most hard-working employees have lost their jobs because of the coronavirus epidemic. 

Pénzcentrum reported that recently published statistics revealed what the poorest regions in Hungary are, where the unemployment rate causes severe problems amongst the members of local communities. For example, in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, seventy towns and villages asked for help because they have never felt such an intense need for financial support before the epidemic broke out.

The average salary in Hungary is currently around 1,046 EUR, but 50-60% of Hungarians earn below 680 EUR each month.

In the poorest regions, this amount of money is even less. No matter the monthly income, these people truly live in poor and tragic circumstances, mostly in North-Hungarian regions. Children, young people, one-parent families, and most Romani people are in the most dangerous situation. In these regions, the unemployment rate is also the highest, and many residents seek new opportunities in other parts of the country.

In the region of Kunhegyes, Hungarian residents earn 1,920 EUR/year. With this data, this is the poorest region in the whole country.

It is followed by the region of Cignád (1,955 EUR/year), Csenger (1,955 EUR/year), and Fehérgyarmat (1,960 EUR), where people also have problems. The “best situation” is in Sarkad (2,148 EUR), Bácsalmás (2,248 EUR), and Ózd (2,240 EUR). 

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