Hévíz, thermal bath, Hungary

According to last year’s statistics, the most popular Hungarian destination of foreign tourists is Szigetvár (Baranya County) which is famous for its history and castle. The second place is taken by Budapest, and the third place is occupied by Pécs (Baranya County). Since then, experts have done more research to find out which are the most visited regions in the country. Some of the results are surprising.

Foreigners love Hungary! Here is why

Hello Vidék reported that besides these Hungarian regions, a huge number of foreign tourists flood the country every year. The more surprising fact is that many of these parts of the country are unknown to lots of Hungarian citizens. The recent statistical research ranked twenty-six Hungarian regions, cities, and towns which are the most popular among non-Hungarian speakers.

It is not a surprising fact that Budapest remains the first at 88%. The Hungarian capital plays the most important part of the country’s tourism with greater numbers each year. The second place is taken by the region of Lengyeltóti (Somogy County) and the third by Hévíz as the Hungarian thermal water attracts a lot of tourists to the country. An interesting fact is that Hajdúszobolszló (another major Hungarian thermal bath city) is only the 21st.

Budapest – One of the most searched tourist destinations

At the beginning of this list, we can find Csepreg which is located next to the Austrian border. Many foreign tourists visit this little town, especially Germans. The last town in the top ten is Záhony which is one of Hungary’s most important border crossing points. Other regions in the top 10 are, for example, Mosonmagyaróvár, Pápa, and Celldömölk.

To sum up these statistics, it is clear that mostly Southern- and Western-Hungarian regions are the most attractive for tourists, but cities like Esztergom, Pécs, Siófok, and Sopron are not featured in the top 26. These cities are more popular among Hungarian speakers.

Regions which are not visited by foreign tourists are Aszód, Dorog, Nagykálló, Szob, Őriszentpéter, and Pétervására – mostly the Northern-Hungarian region and Vas County.

Hévíz is one of the most attractive destinations in Hungary

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