There are only a few weeks left till Christmas, and Hungarian parents and grandparents already made a list about what to buy for the children in the family. Half of them spend more than 10,000 HUF (30 EUR) on presents.

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Pénzcentrum reported that the price Hungarian people will spend on toys could reach 50 billion HUF (145 million EUR) this year, and a significant amount of this money will be spent in the second half of December. Research stated that 49% of Hungarian parents buy presents above 30 EUR, which, in 95% of the cases, are toys for their young children. Lots of parents love to buy different kinds of Legos and strategic games.

This year’s stars are slide-projectors, Lego classic set, robots that can be programmed, Charlotte dolls speaking Hungarian, Honfoglaló strategic game, LOL Surprise dolls, Barbie dolls, Monopoly Junior, and Beatbo trains. Other toys related to the famous Disney production, Frozen, are also very popular among costumers.

The most expensive products are Lego Star Wars ones as it is always popular and creative, and due to the upcoming ninth episode, the Rise of Skywalker, new types of Legos were added to the collection. Some of these Legos cost nearly 70,000 HUF (200 EUR). An interesting fact about these toys is that adults do not only buy them for children but for their own generation as well.

The Lego Star Wars Millenium Falcon might be the most expensive one from the brand with its 234,000 HUF (679 EUR) price. Additionally, Harry Potter’s magical Hogwarts castle can be bought for 136,500 HUF (396 EUR).

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