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Restaurants near Lake Balaton introduced some new dishes even this year, though the season was shorter and much weaker than in previous years due to the coronavirus epidemic. However, it came to light that the traditional Hungarian lángos can be grilled or that tropical flavours fit well with the “Hungarian sea”.

According to Index, Balatonakarattya is not the centre of the world, but many tried to place the city on the gastro map of Hungary this year. A popular Hungarian presenter, Nóra Ördög, opened a small shop at the end of the Strand (Beach) Street attracting crowds, so the owner of the MÁK Bisztró did that as well with his food truck called “Nekem a Balaton” (“For me, the Balaton”) which is the title of a famous Hungarian song you can listen to below featured with original photos of the good old ’70s and ’80s.

In his repertoire, there were classics like lángos with poppy seed or noodles, but the most popular among them was his unique grilled beef which served as the filling of his taco.

Trink Depo on the Bercsényi Beach has been welcoming guests since 1996. It is a family business operated by a wife and husband. They created this year a lángos that they made like pizza, so

they put all the toppings on the pie like in the traditional lángos but grilled it.

Some streets away from the beach, we can bump into Cyprian flavours since Archibald Nagy made some delicious and exotic dishes this year. Interestingly, Mr Nagy had been working in a luxury hotel in Cyprus before, but his father convinced him to come back to Hungary and open a small restaurant at Lake Balaton. He did so with his Bulgarian girlfriend and

brought the national dish of Cyprus, souvla, to Lake Balaton.

However, their speciality is a kind of unique pig meat prepared in a smoker for 9-11 hours, put on a lángos as a topping, and poured with coleslaw salad.

In Balatonkenese, you can find a restaurant that guests call the Canaan of the flavours of Békéscsaba. Zsolt Polgár, the chef, believes that his ultimate goal is to promote the flavours of the Eastern-Hungarian city known for its delicious sausages. The bratwurst he makes is so good that people come back even from different parts of the country to taste it again. He even does that in a 0.5-metre length which is a unique ornament of the 40 cm long bread beneath it.


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