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Forbes Hungary collected the wealthiest people of the country for the fifth time in 2018. The first one has never been this rich. Nobody ever had such a huge listed wealth on the Forbes list than the current leader. Lőrincz Mészáros, who took over Sándor Csányi, although he was not even among the richest fivérek a few years ago.

There have been a few changes on the Forbes list this year and it can be clearly stated that those who were rich, will be getting richer until the Hungarian economy thrives. Here are the top 10:

1. Lőrinc Mészáros – EUR 1.15 billion

He was “only” a record breaker last year, but he has become the richest in 2018. According to Forbes’ latest extract, his wealth is HUF 381.3 billion (EUR 1.15 billion). The former mayor of Felcsút overtook Sándor Csányi, leader of the Hungarian bank OTP.

The main source of his enrichment was the stock, not only the blooming of Mészáros shares, but due to a transaction series announced in February.

As a part of this, most of his shares in his large producer and architectural companies were transferred to Opus Global Holding. Mészáros received the purchase prices in Opus shares, which are considered a really valuable currency in the Hungarian state capitalism.

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2. Sándor Csányi – EUR 959 million

The second on this year’s list is the leader of OTP, chairmen of the Hungarian Football Association and vice-president of FIFA, Sándor Csányi, who could not be more satisfied with his results: his wealth increased since 2017, being approximately HUF 317,2 billion (EUR 959 million). His companies and OTP had an incredible year.

But if we consider he was dethroned by Lőrincz Mészáros, straw man of the economic elite of NER (National System of Cooperation), he is surely not happy with the results.

Csányi Sándor OtpWhile Csányi systematically built up his wealth, Mészáros completed the “summit” with record pace, although he had a huge political support like none of the others on the list. What is more, he became the most influential billionaire in two years at such fields, where Csányi was the strongman: energy, agriculture and fincance.

3. György Gattyán – EUR 740 million

Forbes’ third had a hectic year as he moved most his group of companies to Luxembourg,

as well as he bought many others there and in the USA as well.

According to the consolidated statement of the group, Jasmin, Gattyán’s erotic video site has grown – live broadcasting remained the flagship of his group, who is planning further improvements in that field. His less known other online business, Elvoline, a booking site had a great year as well, alongside of the extension of global tourism.

What about the others?

Almost everyone had a great year in the top 10, only one billionaire’s wealth decreased.

4. Demján’s heirs: They inherited their fortune from Sándor Demján and might put down the foundation stone of Central Park behing Nyugati. They approximately have HUF 186 billion (EUR 562.4 million).

5. Tibor Veres: He owns Wallis Auto and Wing, which built the new headquarters of Hungarian Telekom next to the stadium of Ferencváros, Groupama Arena. He has HUF 160 billion (EUR 483.8 million).

6. Zsolt Felcsuti: He is an industrial investor and the main shareholder of MPF Holding. He earned HUF 151.5 billion (EUR 458.07 million).

7. Gábor Széles: Businessman, owner of Videoton (not the football club, but the company) and Hungarian bus manufacturer Ikarus. The 73 year old man piled up HUF 151.2 billion (EUR 457.17 million).

8. László Bige: Entrepreneur, often called the “king of fertiliser”. His company, Nitrogénművek, is facing difficulties, they amassed a huge debt. He is the only one in the top 10 whose wealth decreased, although he still has HUF 110 billion (EUR 332,59 million). Hundreds of policemen were seen at his house in November.

9. László Szíjj: He is a close business partner of Lőrinc Mészáros. Szíjj incorporated Közgép this year, his assets have grown to HUF 106.2 billion (EUR 321.1 million) by this.

10. Lajos Kasza: He is the owner of Jász-Plastik, an automotive company interested in manufactoring batteries and injection molding. His company has never been so up and running, he is just below the HUF 100 billion line with his HUF 94.4 billion (EUR 285.42 million) wealth.

This year’s list includes not only 33, but 50 of the richest Hungarians. The full list is available here, although it is only available in Hungarian. Forbes also collected the top 100 Hungarian businesses earlier. Check them out here if you want to learn more!

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