The Forbes 2017 richest Hungarians list contains three new additions and a record breaker who climbed surprisingly high compared to his previous position.

With his 294.3 billion Forint (EUR 946 m) wealth, Sándor Csányi made it to the top of the richest Hungarians list this year as well. Sándor Demján, whose wealth accumulates to HUF 192 billion (EUR 617 m), follows the OTP CEO. The biggest financial hit of the year was their joint effort, notes Forbes. György Gattyán occupies the third place, who has a wealth of HUF 188.6 billion (EUR 606 m). Gattyán almost made it to the top three in 2016: he ranked fourth last year.

Csányi is a dollar billionaire again, so the Hungarian editorial office of Forbes will soon begin checking up with the American mother board’s asset-valuation team.

This means that the richest Hungarian will probably be featured on the global list, which he almost made last year.

Sándor Csányi on the left with the newly elected coach of the Hungarian football team, Georges Leekens
MTI Fotó: Illyés Tibor

The rank-jumper is without a doubt Lőrinc Mészáros. There is no precedent in the history of the richest Hungarians’ Forbes list to what he’s accomplished over the course of one year from the point of view of wealth accumulation. Andy Vajna cashed in a good year too, despite his TV channel, TV2 not profiting so well. Vajna has some press investments, these were counted as well.

An excerpt of the full list was published by Forbes, although it is only available in Hungarian.

The full compilation is available in the magazine’s latest paper format issue, which has been published a couple of days ago. It also features a two-page info-graph containing Mészáros’s investments.

Forbes also conducted an interview with Tamás Péterffy, the richest Hungarian man in the world, who lives in Florida. The latest issue features a list where the possibly richest Hungarians of the 1930s are collected.

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