According to, Forbes published their new list about the 33 richest Hungarians. This many hundred billionaires have never been part of the list.

Andy Vajna (“He closed up – it only needed a few changes in the law.”) made it onto the list for the first time this year: he is in the 21st place with an estimated fortune of 44.9 billion forints. Görgy Dunai, one of the accused in the Kulcsár case, acquired a fortune of 38 billion forints through his building industry companies, which puts him on the 25th place of the list as another freshman.


Sándor Csányi (“What happened in Singapore?”) is listed in the first place, even though the title defender’s Hungarian fortune reduced compared to last year’s estimated data, his Singapore interests are worth 10 billion forints more this year. Lajos Bige (“He spends 110 billion on his factory – but does he get richer?”), the owner of Nitrogénművek Inc., is listed in the second place. What’s staggering is that Csányi’s fortune is estimated to be worth 100 billion more, which is a huge cleft between the 1st and 2nd place.


The difference between the 2nd and 3rd is much less: Sándor Demján’s (“Is there life after the business of his life?”) fortune is “only” less than Bige’s by 6 billion. György Gattyán (“Is pornography better than winning a public purchase?”), the leader of a company built on online pornography, is listed in the fourth place: his estimated fortune exceeds 170 billion forints.

Lajos Simicska (“One castle is still standing firmly. Who knows till when?”) is still listed among the richest Hungarians, his fortune of 55 billion was enough for the 16th place. István Polony (“He parachuted into energetics and immediately did business with Csányi.”) has the most “humble” fortune on the list: his 27.4 billion put him in the 33rd place.

Check out for more details, witty illustrations and short sentences (we put them in brackets) characterising the richest Hungarians.

The top 10 richest Hungarians:

  1. Sándor Csányi – 283.1 billion
  2. Lajos Bige – 182.1 billion
  3. Sándor Demján – 176.1 billion
  4. György Gattyán – 173.2 billion
  5. Gábor Széles – 136.8 billion
  6. László Szíjj – 119.3 billion
  7. Tibor Veres – 109.3 billion
  8. Zsolt Felcsuti – 100 billion
  9. Lajos Kasza – 81.7 billion
  10. György Wáberer – 79.3 billion


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