As it was in 2018, there are 10 Hungarians on the top list of Romania and among them, Zoltán Teszári, a media tycoon, is the wealthiest Hungarian in Romania and the 6th wealthiest in Romania.

1. Zoltán Teszári 

His estimated fortune is 640-660 million EUR even though he is just 49 years old. Capital says that he is the Hungarian millionaire whose life could be filmised. Born in Nagyvárad (Oradea) in a poor family, he started his business after he finished his sports career. Today he owns the Digi (RCS&RDS) enterprise which is the biggest in the telecommunications sector having interests not only in the region but also on Italy and Spain. With more than 14 million customers, the capitalisation of the company is around 600 million EUR. According to one of his close acquaintances, Mr Teszári aims to conquer the world in the following decades – reported.

2. The Mudura family (55th in Romania)

Fortune: 99-104 million EUR

They are also from Nagyvárad (Oradea), and they are present in the real estate and the trade sectors. Recently, they have bought the bankrupted Oradea Shopping Centre, and they are the owners of the local Lotus Centre and Lotus Retail Park, as well. 

They became famous in the 90s after Sándor Mudura Sr started to sell Ferrero products (Kinder Surprise Eggs, Raffaello, Tic-Tac) in which he was a pioneer in Romania. After his father’s death, Sándor Mudura Jr continued to lead the empire.

3. Miklós Pálfi (76.)

Fortune: 77-79 million EUR

He is 61 years old and is the vice-chair of the Romaqua Group. In the 90s, together with his business partner, Ovtacian Crețu, they wanted to buy ComChim, a pharmaceutical company, but since they were not successful, they changed their minds and bought a mineral water company in Borszék. Today, he is the most significant mineral water producer on the Romanian market with a portfolio ranging from energy drinks to beer and coffee. They have factories in Bucharest, Szászsebes (Sebeș), Bușteni and Stânceni, and they work with the most modern technologies.

4. István Gadola (149.)

Fortune: 39-41 million EUR

The 66-year-old businessman is from Kolozsvár (Cluj Napoca) and has the Energobit together with two business partners, Pál Péter and Ioan Socea. Polish Innova Capital bought shares in the company in 2012 and took the lead of it, too, but they were not successful, so the Godola group returned in 2017, and since then the company’s deficit has been decreasing.

Besides the energy sector, Mr Godola is active in the real estate sector, as well, for example, he announced in 2016 that he would build a plaza and a block of flats in Kolozsvár.

5. Árpád Pászkány (170.)

Fortune: 35-37 million EUR

The 38-year-old tycoon is active in the real estate and the building sectors, and he became famous when he bought the football club of Kolozsvár (CFR Cluj Napoca). Even though he was successful in managing the team, he had to sell it after some financially difficult years.

Now he is the only shareholder of the Ecomax General Investments and said that he got his first million by selling shampoos and deodorants with which he was a pioneer in the Romanian market thanks to his good foreign connections.

6. Ferenc Korponay (212.)

Fortune: 27-30 million EUR

The 52-year-old businessman and sells animal health products. He said in an interview that the best thing happened so far in his life was when he was fired from his workplace, and thus, he could found Maravet, a company that had a 54 million EUR price income in 2018 even though this sum was only 1.4 million EUR in 2005.

7. Levente Bara (213.)

Fortune: 29-31 million EUR

Mr Bara (43) is active not only in the food industry but also in the real estate and the trade sectors. He became famous when he sold his Supremia Group to the French Solina Group for more than 35 million EUR. He maintained his interests in the food industry, and he is trying to expand in the online trading sector.

8. Pál Péter (245.)

Fortune: 26-28 million EUR

Together with István Godola, he is a shareholder of the Energobit, and in 2017, he decided to return to the loss-making company and try to save it. He also has the Paprika Radio of Kolozsvár, but he is active in the real estate sector, as well.

9. Szász brothers (253.)

Fortune: 25-27 million EUR

They founded Renania in 1996, selling tools on occupational safety. Today, they are the market leader of the sector. Orlando Szász, speaking five languages (German, Italian, English, Romanian and Hungarian), resigned from his CEO position in 2012 and helps startups currently as an angel investor.

10. The Pál family (274.)

Fortune: 23-25 million EUR

Their Melinda group has now 600 employees, and they move 180 thousand tons of cargo each year. They have excellent connections in China and India, and they are a regional market leader in trade. They said on a conference that they became successful without the help of the Romanian state.


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