Let’s start with a universal truth: practically everyone on earth loves meat. That means that the customer base is endless. As a result, millions of restaurants opened, while this sadly also lowered the quality of the products. We got so accustomed to these conditions, that it became normal to pay an arm and a leg in a way too fancy place or to pay relatively low prices for a McDonald steak. Fortunately, in this ruthless world, some owners and chefs wish to give us delicious food not only to increase their wealth. Few of them work in Budapest. I selected 3 that stood out.

Es bistro

Located near the shopping street Vaci utca in the Kempinski Hotel … It does sound fancy I know, nevertheless still cheaper than a few competitors, considering the quality of the service, and most of all the food. From the hot bread and butter they give you when you arrive to the Goulash soup with homemade nipped pasta, salads or a “simple” burger with goose liver it is always right on point. The menu offers a wide range of dishes so everyone will find something he likes, delicious Beef Carpaccio for a starter or a whole Sea Bass as a main course to name a few the Steak selections include Rumpsteak, Dry aged Sirloin… appealing right?

I will always remember the dry aged rib eye which was for two. The best we had in ages. Never tasted steak with lavender before, it was really surprising, somehow confusing, I did not know if I loved it or hated it. At the second bite I was converted. The smell was amazing, charred, tender I thought I was back in south of France, eating in the middle of lavender field, with a glass of red wine and listening the cicadas. Whether you are in Budapest for few days or live here this is the kind of place where you rarely are disappointed. Find Es bistro on Facebook!

Pesti Diszno

Famous for its pork dishes, Pesti Diszno is one of top restaurants in the city. Situated near Oktogon in the city center it is easy to find. During 2015 they change some of the recipes, which was a surprise to me. The crispy pork spare ribs for example were absolutely marvelous. Don’t get me wrong they are still delicious. Now if you are not that much into pork and your friends or family forced you too came celebrate grandpa’s birthday, a savory John Dory (a fish), duck leg or even a Uruguay beef burger will accommodate your hunger. The portions are smaller than some months ago and I do think it’s better, especially for my self-esteem. The great philosophe Louis C.K said once “the meal is not over when I’m full, the meal I sover wen I hate myself.” And with the quantity of food Hungarians serves You can hate yourself quit often.

Besides that, the cozy atmosphere is very pleasant and quiet, while the waiters are very helpful, if you hesitate between a pork knuckle, pork chop, or which type of wine complement the best your dish they’ll gladly help. I Visited Pesti Diszno for various occasions, I found the flavors always fresh and elegant, not overwhelming. The decor, wine and Palinka selection, and of course great food makes of Pesti Diszno a place that cannot be overlooked. You find them on Facebook HERE.

Mészár Steak Kitchen

Meszar Steak Kitchen is located in Karolyi utca a bit hard to find if you a tourist but it’s worth it. When one of the best Butchers decide to open an excellent joint with low cost but high quality products, we just need to scream alleluia. Starters are excellent, the lamb pate and goose carpaccio need to be tasted, while I was a bit disappointed to learn that the butchers plate was only about few slices of sausages, and onions. The steak menu is not huge (that’s a good news) but the cuts it offers are sublime from a T-bone steak, to the mighty Porterhouse every great piece is represented. The quality, the cooking are wonderful which compensate the fact that it could be a bit more seasoned (I had to find something bad to say).

If you wish you can choose from the second menu, where a meat loaf sandwich, sausages, butcher’s pie or chicken breasts do the trick, all sounds delicious to be honest but I’m there for the steak. On a sad note the desserts were disappointing, the chocolate mousse had too much fruit jelly and the carrot cake to compact, served with a strangely liquid wiped cream that was supposed to be mascarpone mousse was disappointing. Meszar Steak Kitchen on Facebook.

However you should go and enjoy the best steaks in Budapest because this is what It’s all about here.

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