The 2015 national and county vignettes are valid until January 31, 2016. Therefore most people decide on the kind of vignette they will buy in January. Prices do not increase this year, but there will be several changes on the list of free road sections. In addition to the introduction of annual county vignettes and the new paying sections the technological development has an impact on the shopping habits as well, wrote.

According to the Official Gazette paying requirements for several road sections have been changed. Main road M85-M86 and highway M9 also have a fee from January.

Here are the sections available free of charge:

  • The whole length of the M31 highway,
  • the section between Csorna-east section junction and the separation junction of M85-M86,
  • the south-western bypass section of highway M60 in Pecs between the roads the No. 58 5826,
  • the M86 highway,
  • the M8 highway,
  • the section of highway M9 between main roads No. 6 and No. 51,
  • the section of highway M9 (No 61 main road sign) bypassing Kaposvár,
  • the section of highway M4 (highway No. 4 signal) between Vecsés and Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport (you had to pay for the 500-m-long secion earlier, as our website wrote).

As well as the following section of highway M0

  • the section between main route 1 and highway M5,
  • the section between highway M4 and M3,
  • Megyeri Bridge.

The following map shows the roads you have to pay for:


Driving on the roads with a toll without a vignette costs HUF 14, 475 (EUR 46) in 30 days and HUF 59, 500 (EUR 191) beyond 30 days. In any case, you have to pay for the vignette forward, wrote.

In 2015, most of the fines were imposed because people gave the wrong license plate numbers (15.7 thousand cases) or confused the fee categories (10 thousand cases).

Previously, Daily News Hungary also reported that more money was collected in 2015 than a year earlier.

According to, it has been revealed that more and more people use mobile apps to buy vignettes. The researchers of the OTP Mobile Simple app and Corvinus University Budapest found out that more than 35% of the people who bought a vignette used the online option or cell phones for the purchase. For more information, you can visit the official website of the Electronic Toll System.

In addition, you can even watch YouTube videos that show the proper use of the app:

Photo: MTI

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  1. car owners need a vignette when they use “speedways” (!), which means the M roads. it is just cargo vehicles that need to pay the tolls for some other roads, a distinction which is not clear in the article (the web link should be changed and the map should be explained better)

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