There is a new attraction on the bucket list that is worth a stop during your next visit to Budapest. The fabulous Puskin Art Cinema in Budapest has been ranked among the most beautiful movie theatres in the world, which brings its audience to the “golden age” of movies.

As international magazine Timeout reports “we do cinemas in style in Budapest” that can be best proven by the amazing, golden-decorated Puskin Art Cinema on the Pest side of the Hungarian capital. Furthermore, what is even more honourable is that

the international ranking lists the Budapest movie theatre as the 10th most beautiful cinema in the world. 


Puskin Art Cinema opened its doors in 1926 under the name Forum. In the beginning, 623 spectators could fit in one hall; however, since 2013, the cinema has been divided into five halls named after classic films like Amarcord, Mephisto, Carousel, Annie Hall, and Metropolis.

Besides its popular art movies, we must mention the fabulous gold decorations and glorious interior design of the cinema that can be considered an architectural masterpiece. That is why Timeout reported that in Puskin, the viewer is brought into the “golden age” of movies.


The awarded cinema has an important role in the history of Hungarian movie theatres as,

in 1929, the first sound film in Hungary was projected here.

As Hungarian news portal Index reports, the Budapest cinema is listed among such popular movie theatres as Le Grand Rex in Paris, the Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles, and the Cineteca in Madrid. According to the ranking of Timeout, the most beautiful cinema in the world is Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam due to its unique interior decorations and the iconic five-dollar milkshake at the cinema buffet from Tarantino’s famous movie, Pulp Fiction.

The full list can be checked out HERE.

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