tested Tanti restaurant in Budapest just over a week ago. The relatively novice place got a Michelin star this week.

In the 34. Michelin guide, in addition to Costes, Onyx and Borkonyha, Tanti also has a Michelin star – said. Great kitchen and simple cuisine were highlighted at the Hungarian restaurants.

“The lunch menu of Tanti changes weekly, the supply follows the best traditions of the fusion cuisine. It is simultaneously Hungarian, international and Asian all this in perfect harmony, we can almost do a trip around the world over one lunch” – said in early March.

How much is it?

Lunch menu: HUF 3100 two dishes, HUF 3900 three dishes
Includes: 8- course choice, two or three dishes, appetizer, main course, dessert.

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Photo: Tanti Facebook


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