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According to, 3000 drivers were asked in an online survey about the most common fouls in Hungary. The results are quite worthy to think through.

The list of the most common driving fouls is led by littering, but the driving distance is also not something that Hungarian drivers keep to – as it turned out from Automax’s non-representative survey, in which they asked 3000 car owners. More precisely, they asked about certain visible foul types and how typical they are of Hungarian drivers.

Based on the answers, littering is the most common foul. Hungarian drivers believe that it happens quite frequently that people get rid of their garbage, like cigarette butts, while driving. The second place was taken by keeping the appropriate driving distance, which seems to cause trouble to a lot of people. The next foul is the neglect of keeping to the right, which can especially cause “pleasant” moments to other drivers on the high-way.

Something else that happens annoyingly often is that drivers tend to forget to use the direction indicator. “Fortunately there were also positive responses, for instance, drivers usually help the passing of vehicles with distinctive signal” said Tibor Nagy, the manager of Automax Kft.

The survey also asked about which foul drivers found the most inacceptable. Based on the responses, people get the most pissed off when they see someone drive through a red light. Other fouls that drivers find quite inacceptable include not giving way to vehicles with distinctive signal and neglecting the use of the direction indicator.

When a driver, who keeps to the rules gets in danger due to another driver, most people would try to avoid the accident. “As one of the respondents said, things only work until the drivers help out ruleless ones. Because after that comes the tension explosion, which is mostly done by honking, swearing, using the reflector, or by any combination of these’ said Tibor Nagy.

About every 10th driver has gotten tired of the Hungarian driving moral, so if they encounter a foul, they try to keep calm. On the other hand, in every 200th case things can get quite out of control, as drivers get each other’s shirt off.

The survey also focused on prejudices concerning car brands and drivers’ feelings connected to them. Hungarian drivers think that BMW, Audi, Suzuki, Mercedes and Volkswagen drivers commit the most fouls, while Suzuki, Opel, Volvo, Toyota and Ford drivers keep to the rules.

“We don’t think that all BMW drivers commit fouls and that Suzuki owners are angels, because, for instance, the latter brand is mentioned in both lists. These results reflect prejudices connected to brands” toned Tibor Nagy.

He also added that quite a lot of drivers doubt the others’ knowledge of the rule of the road (KRESZ). This is why more than 40% believe that taking the KRESZ exam from time to time would be useful. For that matter, among the supporters of re-examination, the rate of women and people under 40 is higher.

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