The name of Imre Dlusztus is not unknown in the media or even in the world of wine, but now, interviewed him about MiniHungary Model Park, which was opened in March this year. Even if the restoration of historic Hungary is not simple in practice, thanks to the work of a few years, we can imagine how it would be to travel in a great, prosperous and imposing country again.

The owner and operator of the park is Bornemzet Kft., which is managed by Imre Dlusztus, who previously imagined a “village of history”, in which they would make historical buildings habitable and a spectacular park, in the framework of an open air museum. Finally, it would be so expensive that it wasn’t be realized, but he didn’t give up his dream and transformed it into a “model-country”.

They won the application needed to finance in 2009, the work began this time to create the miniatures of several typical buildings of the historical Hungary in 1910. As knows, they chose this year because a comprehensive, thorough census was conducted by the king and emperor Franz Joseph in that year, so there are lots of data. After the   millennium developments, Hungary had height of his powers, so it’s a truly worthy moment to be immortalized.

The works took place over many years; the park could opened in a two-hectare area in Morahalom this March. There are some weaknesses yet, such as shady places, more aesthetic fence, more elaborate description would be needed, but these are just small things.

The models can be seen, apart from one exception, in a 1:25 ratio, so we can compare the impressive churches, fortresses, castles and other monuments without a long travel. It’s also a good program for school classes, since they can get know the buildings of the Reformed College of Debrecen, the Festetics Palace, the Gyulafehervar Cathedral, the Miko Castle in Csikszereda, the Sopron Fire Tower, the town halls of Szabadka and Arad, the Eger Castle or the Parliament in an afternoon. The latter one itself cost HUF 40 million and the half-year work of 40 men.

Each building’s selection happened for a reason, for example, right at the entrance, we can see the Turistvand water mill, which stands there because in Hungary in 1910, the milling capacity was exactly as many as in the USA, and it is good to remember and recall that. “Only in Vas County, there were 305 mills, and now one looks out the window and hardly see agricultural lands” – he added.

“There is the Tokaj casino, and there may ask the question what is it doing close to the Buda Castle or the Parliament. Because it symbolizes well that by the second half of the 18th century, the market town created its own cultural club, an important meeting place that is open for the citizens of the town. 80 years before the abolition of serfdom” – he said.

The MiniHungary Model Park has been beyond its 11 thousandth visitor since the opening in March. Several foreign groups visited, but they also welcome everyone until November 30 this year, either individually or in groups. recommends it and they would make it compulsory in the education.

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