Gyorgy Waberer, Waberer’s CEO, has become Prime-ministerial Commissioner barely a week ago, presented his plan how to prosper the road transport in Hungary. The managing director said newspaper Napi Gazdasag what is needed: professional driver training, said.

According to Waberer, the problem is Western European companies attract Eastern European drivers, therefore more than 6500 people are missing in the profession in Hungary, that is “the jobs of an invisible Mercedes or BMW factory remain unfilled”. According to the commissioner, the solution is that drivers must be trained in the VET system taken over by the Ministry of National Economy, and the necessary resources must be allocated. Waberer’s plan is the Parliament should discuss about it even this autumn.

And where would this money come from? From the charges of foreign truck drivers. According to Waberer, 60% of the irregularities are committed by foreign drivers, but the Hungarian authorities more often punish Hungarian truck drivers. This should be reversed and the money raised should be spent on driver education. The commissioner is willing to participate in it from the finding out to the execution, in order to prosper the Hungarian transportation and the country: “If need be, I myself will stand by the road and take part in the inspection”.

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