The would like to thank all the participants who attended the I Bike Budapest. Never so many volunteer have helped before and without them, the demonstration wouldn’t be such a success. The row of bikers was ca. 15 kilometers long and thousands of bikes gathered around on the I Bike Budapest demonstration.

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The Dutch embassy was the main sponsor of the event and Gajus Scheltema opened the demonstration.

After the success of the demonstration, the organizers of the I Bike Budapest would like it to become a tradition. The next bike demonstration will be next year. The aim of this demonstration is to popularize cycling and enlarge the number of bike users in the city.

Ten years ago, the bike demonstration started off on zero. A small society has brought something completely new into the city’s life, which no one thought it would work. By nowadays, cycling has become accepted and popular. This is a gift to the city, not to be neglected. Some developments have slowly begun, and the public bikes could be useful for the non-bikers and also, it could complement the public transportation.

The developments for the public bikes in Budapest have not been accomplished fully. The old bike routes which are often badly shaped need an immediate change. The bridges have also some problems in regarding of cycling. The Margaret Island Bridge is behind us by now but the Chain Bridge’s renovation is not appealing for the bikers. In the line of maintenance, the bike infrastructure is in the last ones; the routes between the suburbs and city center are yet to be solved.

According to, they might go into streets several times during a year. They think that the problems mentioned above have solutions. Ten years ago they wouldn’t think that the city will be full with bikers, that new bicycle zones and parking zones will be placed; and no one ever though that public bikes will be around Budapest.

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translated by Andrea Toth

Photo: MTI


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