According to, Budapest University of Technology and Economics’ faculty of mechanical engineering, Eötvös Lóránd Science University’s physicist training and Semmelweis University’s medical faculty were chosen as part of the list ranking the world’s best university trainings. The National Taiwan University Ranking (NTU) lists the world’s 300-300 best trainings with outstanding scientific achievements by specialization.

In the specialization of engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics’ faculty of mechanical engineering is in the 258th place, the physicist training of Eötvös Lóránd Science University finished in the 268th place, while Semmelweis University’s medical training was ranked in the 278th place in medical specialization.

The ranking evaluates the achievements of universities by the published scientific articles. They take into consideration the number of quality articles, the number of references, the h-index showing the citation impact of researchers and the most-cited articles. Since the ranking is fully made by the analysation of these publications, the result indicates the scientific research that goes on in the institutions from the aspect of research productivity, the effect of research results and research excellency, which have a significant effect on the quality of the training.


Except for the University of Ljubljana and Budapest University of Technology and Economics’ faculty of mechanical engineering, no other neighbouring technological universities are listed, including the universities of Vienna and Bratislava. If we look further, then we see that there’s no Czech or Italian institution among the best engineering trainings. The Hungarian university passed institutions like the University of Pittsburgh, University of Edinburgh, University of Kaiserslautern and Trinity College Dublin.

The top three universities on the ranking, that summarises all specializations, are Harvard, Stanford and Johns Hopkins. Besides the University of Toronto (4th) and Oxford (5th), only American universities made it into the top ten. There’s no Hungarian university on the summarised Top 300 list. However, out of our neighbouring countries, six Austrian universities, the University of Ljubljana and the University of Belgrade are part of the Top 300.

Photo: – Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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