With elements like dynamic shapes and metallic materials, contemporary design is starting to conquer the Hungarian countryside, too, but this does not mean that nature and old traditions are any less important – the next wineries discovered by Roadster are great examples of the coexistence of the present and the past.

When it comes to wineries, we like to think about old wooden houses next to grapevines in a small village of only a few hundred inhabitants – or maybe larger cities like Eger that are still preserving the atmosphere of old times. Times are changing, but these Hungarian wineries are proof of what is already well-known across Western Europe: traditions and contemporary design can indeed coexist.

Kreinbacher Estate

Located at the foot of Somló Mountain in northwestern Hungary, the complex was built in an exciting industrial style, with elements evoking traditional values. The design of the place is a perfect mixture of 21st-century solutions and vintage elements.

Photo: www.facebook.com/kreinbacher.hu

While Kreinbacher Birtok is first and foremost a winery, the place also has a hotel and restaurant, which make it a perfect destination for a few days’ getaway. The winery was founded in 2002 and has been engaged in organic cultivation on over 48 hectares ever since.


Sauska Winery

Surrounded by many other excellent wineries just outside the famous ‘wine town’ of Villány, this winery is another example of how traditional elements and modern architecture can make a great match: the grassy areas and the use of natural stones and wooden structures are a perfect fit for the surrounding environment.

Photo: www.facebook.com/Sauska

Ample space is paired with barrel vaults to evoke the shape of wine cellars, a unique solution that shows “devotion to tradition”.

The unique buildings of Sauska Borászat house several fermentation containers, a bottling plant, and a warehouse, but the place also has a restaurant and offers various tasting events, both in Villány and at the other location in Tokaj.


Kovács és Lánya Winery

This complex in Gyöngyöstarján, in the heart of the Mátra Mountains in northern Hungary, is another tribute to nature and traditions; a fresh place that symbolises the importance of older generations in preserving the values of our culture.

Photo: www.facebook.com/KovacsesLanya

With its unique colours and atmosphere, Roadster simply refers to this place as “a little piece of Tuscan”. Kovács és Lánya is a father-daughter business with a vineyard of over 100 hectares.


Etyek Winery
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