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According to, three quarters of anesthetists working at Szent Imre Hospital have resigned, because they felt they were unable to perform their work safely. The doctors, who are treating in addition to anesthesia and analgesia also patients whose life is in danger, rather go abroad: there is a shortage in their expertise throughout Europe, just westwards from us, furthermore, they can earn three-four times the salary they got in Hungary – Index wrote.

Without anesthetists, a hospital is almost paralyzed, since they perform anesthesia/analgesia/pain relief during surgeries and they also play an important role in emergency care: if someone is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

There were eight anesthetists in Szent Imre Hospital which was said to be the best hospital in Budapest. After six of them resigned, pre-scheduled surgeries are postponed for an unpredictable time, waiting lists are growing and the professionals cannot be replaced from one moment to the next. states that anesthetists quitted because their numbers already seemed half the amount that would have been necessary for the department.

According to sources familiar with healthcare, it will be difficult to find new doctors for the hospital, because it is not a good letter of recommendation, if six people resigns at the same time. In addition, there is a lack of anesthetists. In Hungary, their average salary is low even among doctors, the work is stressful, it is a huge responsibility and it is difficult to plan ahead. What’s more, they can earn three or four times of their Hungarian salaries abroad.

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