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Three-quarters of Hungarians reject the payment of compensation to inmates who have taken Hungary to court over insufficient prison conditions which has been described by ruling Fidesz as a “prison business”, a survey by the Századvég Foundation released on Tuesday showed.

Századvég surveyed Hungarians’ views on court rulings that recently caused significant public debate because they involved the state having to pay significant compensation to inmates.

“Hungarian voters have a negative opinion on the procedures that have been initiated with the involvement of NGOs linked to [US financier] George Soros,” Századvég said citing the results of the survey.

More than two-thirds or 78 percent of those interviewed said they did not share the NGOs position that it was fair to demand compensation and only 14 percent said the opposite

. Some 8 percent of those interviewed said they had no opinion in the matter.

The survey also showed that

86 percent of right-wing voters and 73 percent of centrists rejected compensation payment proposed by NGOs, as against 7 percent and 19 percent, respectively, agreeing with NGOs and 7 percent and 8 percent, respectively, not having an opinion.

Among left-wing voters, 69 percent said they were against paying compensation, 23 percent said it was fair to pay and 8 percent said they had no opinion, Századvég added.

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Source: MTI

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