FINA Swimming World Cup Budapest

Thanks to the great interest, the organisers have opened new free sectors to the Saturday finals of the Swimming World Cup Budapest, so the fastest ones can still choose the best of the most favored seats!

Besides the World Cup competitions – including the almost complete national team and the international championship winners – it is important to point out there will be a unique race called „the eel heat” before the finals, on Thursday 4th October, where the legendary swimmer Eric – the eel – Moussambani, will compete with a number of famous hungarian athletes and champions like Balázs Baji, Krisztián Berki, Laura Horváth, Sándor Liu Shaolin, Péter Somfai, Sándor Torghelle and István Veréb.

For those who will come to the weekdays preliminiaries or the Saturday morning session, it is important that they can also support Katinka Hosszú, László Cseh and all the other swimming stars (because the competiton schedule of the morning and the evening session are the same)!

We look forward to welcoming you in the Duna Arena on 4-6th October!

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