According to, The Titled Kilt franchise want to open a premium sport bar in Hungary. They’d like to sell the licences to strong investors.

A restaurant can only be successful in the highly competitive Hungarian catering industry if it manages to provide long-term quality products and first class attendance, service to its customers. If it manages to work out a unique restaurant concept besides, then the management and the owners don’t have to worry about competition anymore, neither about the defection of customers.

The American based The Titled Kilt restaurant and sport bar network meets these expectations. They plan on entering the Hungarian market as part of their international expansion. They are looking for a financially stable investor, who is marketing-orientated and has experience in the catering industry.

The Titled Kilt brand was founded in Las Vegas in 2003, when they opened the first Celtic bar according to the conception, where attractive waitresses and waters served in the Kilt Girls and Kilt Boys working clothes that became the trade-mark of the network. The idea cut its way quickly, and there are now more than 100 sport bars run under the brand name all over the world.

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However, its popularity is not only due to its attractive staff and service, but also its wide range of food and drink selection. They welcome guests with dozens of traditional and contemporary American, Irish, Scottish food and almost 30 types of bottled and draft beer. This is completed with plasma televisions, which broadcast the newest sport programmes.

According to Willian Edwards, the director of the Edwards Global Services enterprise responsible for the network’s expansion in Middle Europe, stable, marketing-oriented Hungarian companies, which have experience in the field of catering and have access to attractive locations, have good chances of becoming country-wide partners. The average floorspace of The Titled Kilt sport bars is 450-900 m2. “Partner applicants essentially need to know the local market” added Edwards.

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All franchise partners get the network’s full know-how as part of the franchise centre’s support system. First, they need to take part in a five-week training in the Arizona centre of the enterprise, and then, before and after every restaurant opening, Titled Kilt instructors spend one week at the partner locations to support the choosing, training of the team, the inauguration, etc., but online instructor programmes are also available for partners.

“Besides the training we also ensure advertisement and sales support and put all radio, television, online or printed documents, marketing and campaign element at the partners’ disposal” said Edwards. The opening of a The Titled Kilt sport bar means an about 1 million dollar investment by global data, but this includes all expanses from the buying of the essential licences to the decoration and the opening of the restaurant.


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