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As Origo reports, Tom Hanks posted a photo to Twitter on Saturday where he is about to get into a red Polski Fiat with a Hungarian number plate.

So excited about my new car!

-captioned Hanks the picture.


Last summer he shot his latest film Inferno in Budapest, which is already introduced in the cinemas for two weeks now in Hungary and since Friday in the States.

The above picture was taken in front of Gresham Palace on Széchenyi István Square, but there were no information about the actor coming back to Hungary. He most likely just found a picture from before, which he liked, and then posted.

There is evidence on him being in Los Angeles on Wednesday: he gave an award at the gala of British Academy Britannia Awards to Felicity Jones, who he played with in Inferno.

Photo: Twitter.com/tomhanks

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Source: Origo.hu

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  1. I used to have a Polski Fiat just like That even a same color when i lived in Budapest 25 years ago, i was suprised they still around! I loved my car and had a lots of adventure with it. Bring back a lots of pleasent memories….Aloha from Maui. Judit Wolfe

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