Are you tired of staying in Hungary for a long time? It is time to visit amazing European cities and even hidden gems of Europe. Besides money for the hotel, you should consider your traveling expenses. Car rental service will play a vital role in ensuring you have the best vacation.

Why a rental car in Europe?

  1. Instead of rushing to catch a train or a flight, your car will do the job saving your time, money and the traveling stress.
  2. Joyful experience. Unlike other transport means, rental car service allows you to make stops and breaks wherever you want. You will have a chance to enjoy preferred views and special occasions.
  3. Confident travel. Getting a fantastic and well-established car rental company ensures your high security. In case situations like a breakdown, you are confidently assured of a faster replacement. Hence, no delays with your touring schedule.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

After landing at the airport, SIXT Schiphol car rental is at your service. Enjoy the floating city experiences by riding a canal cruise. However, you can still view numerous canals and bridges connecting islands from your rental car helping you to cover the whole city within a few days. Thanks to the appropriate size of Amsterdam that allows you to enjoy every moment just like a small village tour. How about learning history that dates back to the seventeenth century? Amsterdam boasts architectural wealth in Europe allowing you to earn and relate to the Medieval and Holland’s Golden era.

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Monte Isola, Italy

At the middle of Lake Iseo, a green mountain vicinity allows you to have a closer connection with nature. Decide to walk, cycle or a bus tour, as cars are not allowed here. You are free to walk around at your pace thanks to the best trails under trees. After making a walk to the mountain top, you will have a fantastic view of Lake Iseo, ridges on mountains, numerous trails and historic towns such as Sale Marasino and Sulzano. A trip to Monte Isola will allow you to have fun at the most significant European lake and Island and a 2010 “European Destinations of Excellence” non-tradition award winning destination.

hungarians visit travel list

Dinant, Belgium

Even though you can cover this Belgium town within an hour, it’s worth to stay a little longer. You enjoy a fantastic view of River Meuse that flows from France, through Belgium to the Netherlands. Walk along, take a residence or a cruise to enjoy its breathtaking scenery. Enjoy learning your European ancient by visiting the epic Collegiale Notre Dame de Dinant. The gothic building dates back to its establishment in the thirteenth century. Besides its history, the cliff background makes it even more beautiful. Citadelle de Dinant fortress gives a full view of Dinant town and the great Charles de Gaulle Bridge. Visit the fantastic spots with a commemorating Maison de Monsieur Sax landmark among other features and outdoor activities. With a car rental service, you can cover the amazing Dinant town and create a memorable experience.

hungarians visit travel list

Azores, Portugal

As you arrive, the first view is all about magnificent volcanic peaks and landscapes that leave you visually astonished. You also get an opportunity to enjoy fishing thanks to the ancient fishing villages that have a variety of fish to learn and enjoy the culture while on a yacht. Hot springs give you a new taste of nature unlike the warm showers in your house. Enjoy seafood for dinners at the Beira Mar on Terceira Island while listening to the soothing Fado music that leaves you attached with the Mainland Portugal and her culture. Hospitality is on another level, thanks to the fantastic hotels that ensure your great stay for as long as you want.

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Santorini, Greece

Termed as a Romantic destination, experience the charm from stepping foot to the dinner in the romantically lit terraces. Walk along Nea Kameni volcano to enjoy a spectacular view of Caldera and see the water that forms the famous volcanic spa. Enjoy sand caved houses and adventures that create lifetime memories. Here, you can sharpen your swimming skills with numerous pools complimenting with cliffs. Learn the medieval era in this town due to the presence of many maintained landmarks that bring back the history back to life. Your wedding and honeymoon are well sorted right from photography with Volcano, backgrounds to the magical scenes while the sun sets. Everything you see in Santorini creates everlasting epic pictures and memories worth the vacation.

hungarians visit travel list

Why stay bored in Hungary for the whole year? Make your vacation amazing by visiting the above destinations. But remember, you need to spend appropriately. A car rental service will help you a lot when moving from one place to another. Have full knowledge of your tourist destination and enjoy your tourist destinations.

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