Pápa Esterházi-kastély castle

Want to spend a weekend in the country, but do not know where? Discover Pápa, a small but splendid town in Hungary. Pápa is a historical town located in Veszprém country, near the Bakony Hills. It is famous for its baroque architecture.

Here you can find the top 6 +1 things to do in Pápa!

1.Esterházy Castle

It can be found on Fő tér, behind the Catholic Church. The Esterházy Castle offers numerous programs for visitors: you can see the baronial halls, and get an insight into the everyday lives of the Baroque aristocracy. It is also possible to dress up in baroque clothes.

Now you can visit the extended Salvador Dalí exhibition, Welcome into my brain, until the 1st of January.

Photo: www.facebook.com/papa.esterhazykastely/

2. Thermal bath

The thermal bath called Várkertfürdő is one of the tourists’ favourite programmes when visiting the town. There are indoor and outdoor pools, slides, massage, neck massage, underwater back massage benches, geysers, swirl corridors, and underwater lighting. If you prefer to do sports, you can try out the swimming pool as well.

Photo: www.facebook.com/varkertfurdo/

3. The Baroque style Fő tér (main square)

Here you can see the Catholic Church (Saint Stephen’s Martyr Church), which has been a pivotal symbol of the town since the 18th century. The church was built in 1774 at the expense of Count Károly Eszterházy, the Bishop of Eger, Pápa’s landlord, according to the plans made by Jakab Fellner, a master builder, and after his death the construction was started by József Grossmann. It has recently been renewed and now there is a playground and new fountains on the square.

Photo: Wiki Commons by Csanády

4. Blue Paint museum

The Blue Paint Museum of Pápa opened in 1962 to the general public, and presents the workshop and equipment of former Kluge Company, providing an insight into the mysteries of the blue paint industry. Visitors are guided back to the past, and are shown the beauty and difficulty of this occupation. Each station of the workflow and machines still working today are presented in the more than 200 years old factory.

Photo: www.kekfestomuzeum.hu

5. Ricsi confectionery

My personal favourite, a nice confectionery with a vast selection of cakes, cookies and ice cream. The coffee is also excellent. Ideal for catching up with friends. There are actually two Ricsis, one of them in Veszprémi utca 3. Since 2001, the confectionery is in a joint building with the factory where the production takes place. The other Ricsi is on Március 15 tér, a more frequented area, near the Calvinist Church.

Photo: www.facebook.com/ricsi.cukraszda/

6. Castle garden

There is a huge park in Pápa near the Esterházy Castle, called Várkert. Before the war, it was way bigger than now and it was not open for public use, as it is today. It is especially magnificent in the autumn. If you want to take a not too long walk among the fallen leaves, you should visit the Várkert.

+1 Bakony Hills

For those who love hiking, the Bakony Hill would be a great choice. It is only a short car ride from Pápa. Bakony is 4000 km² of karstic slopes, the westernmost and largest member of the Transdanubian Range, and you can even find caves here. The perfect place for enjoying the nature in autumn.

Featured Image: facebook.com/papa.esterhazykastely/

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