According to, besides the Castle District, the spectacular view, the hilly surroundings, that come to mind, there are several other points of interest in the Western part of the Hungarian capital. One thing is for sure: it is impossible to leave Buda hungry!


Used to be a tavern, today it is a beautiful restaurant and hotel: Pest-Buda, where guests can try authentic Hungarian foods known from grandma’s kitchen. The menu includes tasty dishes such as fried sausage, traditional Hungarian fried dough, or goulash soup. Pest-Buda is not far away from the Matthias Church or the Fishermen’s Bastion, so it is the perfect place for having a meal during the exploration of the Castle District. The restaurant opens its terrace in the spring and summer, which provides a magical atmosphere for the visitors of the Castle.


Budavári Rétesvár (Strudel Castle)

Are you looking for the best strudel in town? Do not look any further. It is a great mistake to miss out on the Budavári Rétesár, which offers the most delicious strudels. It would be hard to pick just one from all the gastronomical fineness one can have here, so we advise you to return from time to time and

try as many kinds of strudels as you can!



This restaurant is fit for a romantic dinner. The guests of Pierrot can enjoy fine dining within a unique atmosphere. The dishes of resounding names can be consumed in the garden belonging to the restaurant, which elevates the romantic atmosphere even more.


Carne di Hall

If you are walking around Buda Castle, starving for a genuinely delicious goulash, visit Carne di Hall, where an esteemed atmosphere will await you, in contrast with the more touristic places. Their home-made bread and mouth-watering desserts make this place exceptional. It can be found on the bank of the Danube.


Kacsa Restaurant

Kacsa is a genuinely guest-loving and pretty restaurant, offering traditional Hungarian dishes. They make their famous duck in different flavours. Great Hungarian wines accompany the dishes. Real musicians provide live music, adding to the original ambience of the place.


Hunyadi Café

Hunyadi Café can be found a bit further from the popular touristic places.

Here you can have a nice handcrafted beer with your lunch.

Their fried sausage and hot sandwiches are filling, not to mention the vast variety of special beers. All of this is run by a passionate team who help their guests in picking the proper drink with their lunch.



Mandragóra is located in one of the less known parts of Buda. This restaurant offers local specialities at a friendly price. In Mandragóra, one can have a satisfying lunch or dinner in a homely spirit. This charming restaurant awaits guests with original Hungarian dishes and wines. Live jazz music accompanies the repasts.


Halászbástya Restaurant

The Fishermen’s Bastion, overlooking the Danube and the Pest side of the city, is not merely a tourist sight. In the monument, you can find a restaurant providing memorable meals. In Halászbástya Étterem, we can try the best of Hungarian cuisine in a beautiful historic location.


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