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Szeged, 2018. február 22. Fegyõrök vezetik 2018. február 22-én Czeglédy Csabát a Szegedi Törvényszék tárgyalótermébe, ahol egy iskolaszövetkezet két vezetõje ellen indult költségvetési csalási ügyben tanúként hallgatták meg a férfit. Czeglédy Csaba bûnszervezetben, üzletszerûen elkövetett, különösen nagy vagyoni hátrányt okozó költségvetési csalás bûntette és más bûncselekmények gyanúja miatt van elõzetes letartóztatásban. MTI Fotó: Kelemen Zoltán Gergely

Hungary’s supreme court, the Kúria, on Thursday rejected an appeal by Csaba Czeglédy, a left-wing politician and fixer, to review the suspension of his immunity, saying the issue went beyond the scope of its powers.

The Kúria said in a statement that the National Election Committee (NVB) last Friday suspended the immunity obtained by Csaba Czeglédy at the request of the chief public prosecutor.

The NVB passed its decision with a qualified majority and it is legally binding, the court said.

Czeglédy, a lawyer who has worked for the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) party and the Socialists, was released from pre-trial detention on Thursday last week after being officially approved as an independent MP candidate in the April 8 general election and became eligible for immunity under Hungarian law.

He has been under investigation for suspected misappropriation of 6 billion forints (EUR 19m) in public funds.

A Szeged court on Monday ordered Czeglédy to be placed back into pre-trial detention.

The Csongrád County Chief Prosecutor’s Office spokesman said that the court agreed with the prosecutor’s office that Czeglédy was a flight risk or could attempt to undermine the criminal proceedings against him.

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