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Top court rejects Czeglédy’s appeal over suspension of immunity

Top court rejects Czeglédy’s appeal over suspension of immunity

Hungary’s supreme court, the Kúria, on Thursday rejected an appeal by Csaba Czeglédy, a left-wing politician and fixer, to review the suspension of his immunity, saying the issue went beyond the scope of its powers.

The Kúria said in a statement that the National Election Committee (NVB) last Friday suspended the immunity obtained by Csaba Czeglédy at the request of the chief public prosecutor.

The NVB passed its decision with a qualified majority and it is legally binding, the court said.

Czeglédy, a lawyer who has worked for the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) party and the Socialists, was released from pre-trial detention on Thursday last week after being officially approved as an independent MP candidate in the April 8 general election and became eligible for immunity under Hungarian law.

He has been under investigation for suspected misappropriation of 6 billion forints (EUR 19m) in public funds.

A Szeged court on Monday ordered Czeglédy to be placed back into pre-trial detention.

The Csongrád County Chief Prosecutor’s Office spokesman said that the court agreed with the prosecutor’s office that Czeglédy was a flight risk or could attempt to undermine the criminal proceedings against him.

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