Csaba S. Hungarian citizen had been hiding for more than a year before he was caught in the Netherlands. The man and his group had previously sold drugs worth 150 million forints (EUR 425,000) and traded with counterfeit euros worth 56 million forints (EUR 159,000).

The Standby Police National Bureau of Investigation International Crime Department’s Pécs Division initiated proceedings against the man in 2017. He was under criminal supervision during the court procedure; however, in February 2019, he removed his tracking device and fled to an unknown location, Index reported.

During his escape, Csaba S. was sentenced to 12.5 years imprisonment and six arrest warrants were in force against him.

The police found out that the man was probably hiding in the Netherlands, and his location was identified with the help of the Targeting Subdivision and the Dutch authorities. During his arrest, the man tried to identify himself with false Austrian documents.

Two Dutch men sentenced to five years in prison for drug trafficking in Hungary
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The case

Csaba S. from Siófok was suspected of smuggling drugs and counterfeit 500 Euro banknotes from Western Europe to Hungary. His accomplice, the 44-year-old István T., provided an apartment in Érd to deposit the drugs and the counterfeit money. In October 2015, the two men were arrested, and

6.9 kilograms of different drugs (cocaine, amphetamines and MDMA); materials, equipments, scales for diluting and portioning and 228 counterfeit 500-euro banknotes were seized by police during the perquisition.

At the time of the operation, the police found 11 kilograms of amphetamines and 10,000 ecstasy tablets in a Hungarian truck on the M1 motorway at Mosonmagyaróvár. According to the data of the investigation, Ákos S., the driver of the truck, worked for Csaba S.

Who are the most wanted criminals in Hungary?

The list of the top 50 wanted criminals in Hungary is continuously available on the police.hu website. Currently, 48 criminals – 43 men and 5 women − are listed who have not been caught by the police. Besides, the seriousness of the crime committed, other aspects were also considered when compiling the top list, so it only includes 1 murderer, the Chinese Yao Gaopeng. 17 out of the 48 criminals are wanted for fraud, 15 for robbery, 6 for theft and 5 for drug trade. 5 of these criminals are considered particularly dangerous.

In the case of 5 people, rewards are offered for information leading to the capture of the criminals:

  1. Zoltán Plank is wanted for robbery and bodily harm
    Reward: 1 million forint (EUR 2,900)
  2. Lajos Tóth is wanted for robbery
    Reward: 1 million forint (EUR 2,900)
  3. Zoltán Buttinger is wanted for drug possession
    Reward: 300,000 forints (EUR 850)
  4. Norbert Egri is wanted for fraud
    Reward: 200,000 forints (EUR 567)
  5. Zsolt Török is wanted for fraud, tax fraud and document forgery
    Reward: 200,000 forints (EUR 567)
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Source: index.hu, police.hu

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