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After not being able to participate at the Olympic Games due to WWII, Hungarian gymnast legend Ágnes Keleti didn’t give up and later managed to win 10 Olympic medals all together (5 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze), thus becoming one of the most successful Hungarian athletes. Watch her inspiring story in one short video 🙂

Upworthy’s video on Facebook, which has been viewed over 3 million times, presents the short story of the sport legend. The five time Olympic champion gymnast Ágnes Keleti was born in 1921. She started doing gymnastics at the age of 4, and she reached such a good shape by 1940 that she could’ve participated at the Olympic Games if WWII didn’t shatter her plans.

After this she started working as a maid until the end of the war, and she changed her name to Piroska Juhász because the nazis was hunting for jewish. It seemed like 1948 would be her year to show her talent, but an unfortunate injury kept her away from the Olympic Games. Still, thanks to her persistence, she could finally compete at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics, from where she returned with 4 medals.

She went on by topping her success off with 4 more gold medals at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games at the age of 35 (!).

Ágnes Keleti later moved to Israel where she brought up several gymnast generations.

According to nepszava.hu, Ágnes Keleti is the all-time most successful Hungarian gymnast, who won five Olympic gold medals. She is one of the most outstanding gymnasts of the 1950s, who asked for asylum in 1956 and settled down in Israel one year later.

She is the member of the International Hall of Fames for gymnastics since 2002, the Nation’s Athlete since 2004 and one of the immortals of Hungarian gymnastics since 2008. She was awarded a Prima Primissima Prize in 2015. She celebrated her 96th birthday on the 9th of January, so Keleti is the oldest living Hungarian Olympic Champion.

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Source: Népszava

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