gellért hill

The aim of the investment is to free Gellért Hill from the emission of the intense bus transport – replied the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) to the question of 444 when they asked whether there will be a prohibition of tourist buses on Gellért Hill because of the funicular planned to be built there, reports 444.

BKK owns 25% of the company financing the construction, while the other 75% is shared between two private entrepreneurs; one of them is the two-time Olympic champion kayaker Gábor Horváth.

“In his announcement in February 2013, the director of the Centre for Budapest Transport took responsibility for proposing the prohibition of tourist buses in the area by the end of the construction, in order to relieve Gellért Hill and to protect the environment.” – BKK recalled.

However, it could be sensed from the response that this deal is not completely done yet:

“Those concerned will investigate the possible form and the extent of this prohibition with the help of prognoses and economic calculations being done until then by the owners of the majority stakes.”

The company received not only the environmental license but also the permission to cut out trees in their way. The license was given by the Regional Government of Pest County a few years ago, allowing them to cut 69 trees that now will have to be replaced.

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