surgery operation hospital
surgery operation hospital

Budapest, May 16 (MTI) – Wage talks between unions and the government will yield “tangible results” for health employees in the second half of the year, Ágnes Cser, head of trade union MMSZEADDSZ, told public news channel M1 on Monday.

Cser said the government has agreed to pay the annual chamber membership fees for health-care workers and the salaries of some 80,000 health professionals will be raised by an average 20 percent. She added that the union’s goal was to achieve four more similar rises in the next three years.

Cser also said that agreement could be reached soon to resolve long-deferred problems such as health professionals with up to 30 years of experience earning as little as career starters in similar positions.

The union leader noted that the health sector employs 25,000 people in clerical and maintenance jobs, and higher pay for them was “an unresolved issue”.


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