Szabadság híd Liberty bridge Indul a Szabihíd projekt
Budapest, 2017. június 17. A Valyo – Város és Folyó Egyesület által kezdeményezett Szabihíd projekt elsõ napja a lezárt Szabadság hídon 2017. június 17-én. A hétvégén kezdõdik Budapest egyik legelõremutatóbb urbanisztikai projektje, a Szabihíd. Négy hétvégén lesz megnyitva a teljes híd a gyalogosoknak, a piknikezõknek és lesz zárva a közlekedés elöl. MTI Fotó: Balogh Zoltán

The Liberty bridge will be closed to traffic on 5-6 and 12-13 August 2017, enabling pedestrians to take over the bridge, BKK press release said.

During the closure, instead of tramlines 47,48 and 49, passengers will have the services of the tram lines running on longer routes in Buda, of the modern trolleybus line 72 running to Fővám tér in Pest and of metro line M4 and of bus lines 7 and 133E between Pest and Buda at their disposal.

The Liberty bridge will be closed to traffic during the above-indicated four weekends from 0:00 on Saturday to 24:00 on Sunday, during which the traffic light in Fővám tér will be operating in yellow flashing mode. Motorists going from Kálvin tér will have the chance to turn back ahead of the bridge or drive via Belgrád rakpart – Havas utca.

The Liberty bridge will be closed to vehicles and public transport, making it possible for pedestrians to take over the bridge. During these weekends, tramlines 47,48 and 49 will be out of service.

During the closure, BKK introduces slight modifications on the tram lines on the Buda side to provide access to South Buda: on Fehérvári út, tramline 61 will run on a longer route between Szent János kórház and Városház tér , while the route section of tramline 49 not served in Bartók Béla út will be available by tram 56A on a longer route between Szent János Kórház and Kelenföld M.

For the traffic passing through the bridge, the alternatives will be metroline M4, bus line 133E, and bus line 7 which will temporarily serve the Gárdonyi tér stop.

Trolleybus 72 will replace tramlines 47,48 and 49 in Pest between Deák Ferenc tér and Fővám tér (a section of Kiskörút) and will be running on a longer route between Zugló vasútállomás and Fővám tér M. On the “Kiskörút”, the modern trolleybuses will be running in wireless mode.

As we wrote before, Liberty bridge is again the picknickers’ for four weekends in this year.

Photo: MTI

Source: BKK – Press release

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