austria reports that a 27-year-old Hungarian climber was found dead in the Rax Mountains in Austria.

Two Viennese nurses found the man on Monday, who were headed to the Preinerwandsteig mountain. The Hungarian climber tried to take this same route, but fell into a scree ditch on 1700 metres, then died. The nurses immediately attempted to resuscitate him.

Roland Berger, the spokesperson of the Niederösterreich police station, told Blikk that the nurses were fighting to bring him back for 45 minutes. Their efforts were in vain, as the man suffered heavy injuries on his head, torso and legs, causing his death.

They immediately called for help, but the helicopter rescue had to be canceled due to the bad weather conditions. Eventually, after five hours, seventeen mountain rescuers arrived at the scene, but even they couldn’t save his life.

Gusztáv Bácskai, a member of the Hungarian Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation said that the man was probably a lone climber. This is very risky, and also the cause of many accidents. If someone sets out on such a dangerous tour as this one was, and has no one with them, then there will be no one to call for help.

He added that the man took the route where steel railings are installed into the cliff side. This is a custom in steep, rocky terrains.

The authorities are still investigating the case, as the reason why the man fell into the ditch is still unknown.

The 27-year-old man is the fourth Hungarian this year to lose his life whilst climbing.

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