An ideal family vacation ended up in a real nightmare within minutes in Hungary last Friday.

The family of four arrived at the lake next to Nyékládháza, Borsod county, that afternoon. The place is quite popular among locals, as it is a great fishing and swimming spot. As school came to an end, the parents took their children here, wrote Blikk.

As night approached, they all went to sleep: the mother and the elder child went to their tent, while the father and the younger girl got comfortable in their car. The car was parked near the water, next to a tree – supposedly because of the shade of the tree.

Around 11 PM, however, the car started moving from its parked position, and after rolling a few meters ahead, it dived straight into the water, where it sunk instantly not far from the shore, it sunk three meters deep.

“The police were lighting up the lake with their searchlights, spent the whole night here. We later came to find out that two people lost their lives,” a fisherman, who wanted to remain anonymous, told Blikk. “The other half of the family was camping further away from the lake. The poor woman was in shock when I saw her.” He adds that three fishermen tried to help, but because of the rolled down windows, the car was already filled with water, so they did not succeed.

Upon arriving at the scene, the signs of the accident were still very much visible: the grass was still flat where the car had been parked; the bushes before it were broken off from their places, and a wedge made from wood laid not far from the car’s previous place. According to sources, the family’s tent still stood there on Sunday morning, but a few hours later, it was nowhere to be found. Another family took over the place then, who found out from Blikk about the tragedy that had occurred there.

“If we knew, we might not have come here at all,” sighed the family of three. “We wanted to come for a little cookout and a bit of relaxation. We would have never thought that the tragedy happened right here.”

It is still a mystery how the car moved from its place. The case is being investigated by the Police Headquarters of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County.

The car could have sunk even further down, to the bottom. Although the car only sank three meters deep, the waves could have drifted it to the average of ten-meter depth. The deepest point of the Gólem-lake is 20 meters.

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Featured image: RTL Klub Híradó


  1. RIP. It’s so sad to see so many Hungarians die due to suicide or accidents. Gone to soon 🙁

  2. I wish most immigrants would be at least interested learning the local language which is still Hungarian and will be.

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