On 9th August, no replacement bus of tram line 4-6 had working air conditioning inside – based on the survey of “Közlekedő Tömeg Egyesület” (Plying Crowd Association). According to their report, the temperature on these vehicles was over 86°F.

There were buses where passengers were sweating in

more than 104°F (40°C) heat. 

Magas hőmérséklet
Photo: https://www.facebook.com/kozlekedotomeg

Among others, the Hungarian brand of 1-year-old Modulo buses did not have functioning AC either. There are tens of thousands of passengers travelling on tram line 4-6 replacement buses daily – but buses on other lines have the same problem, too. Followers of the Facebook page of “Tudatos Közlekedő” (Conscious Passenger) send the average number of 30 error reports daily to its chatbot. BKV (Budapest Transport Company) receives these reports from the chatbot, so the corporation had known about the problem days earlier. According to the reply of BKV, AC works perfectly on most replacement buses – even those buses where 97-104°F was measured were graded the same way. 





Source: index.hu

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  1. It should be COMPULSORY in the interest of public safety and quality of service, that at the end of there shift/work day, that drivers of ALL public transportation buses, trams, metro, trolley buses and public ferries – that they complete a REPORT on the performance of the PUBLIC transport mode of vehicle they performed there work day.
    COMMUNICATION – then it can be clearly defined WHO is failing to ensure QUALITY of SERVICE is being provided for our GENERAL PUBLIC need.
    ACCOUNTABILITY and REASPONSIBILITY are (2) two words that OWNERSHIP of PROBLEMS will ensure PUBLIC TRANSPORT – its QUALITY of SERVICE – is maintained to HIGH STANDARDS and we don’t FRY or FREEZE when Public Transport Service Vehicles have FAILED equipment supposedly for the COMFORT of GENERAL or TOURIST Public.

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