Budapest, August 12 (MTI) – The metropolitan council has opened a transit zone for migrants at Budapest’s Deli railway station, the council’s law enforcement department said on Wednesday.

The transit zone available to migrants has been set up in a less frequented part of the pedestrian underpass, located next to Vermezo park, the statement said.

The city’s first transit zone for migrants was opened in the underpass next to Keleti railway station on Saturday. It includes a mobile drinking well, showers and restrooms.

Head of the city’s sewage works Gyorgy Peto said last Wednesday that three special zones would be set up to provide basic sanitary and hygiene services to migrants, at Keleti, Deli and also at Nyugati railway station.

The Budapest public transport company has made available two unused articulated buses to offer a transfer service between the train stations to migrants.

Photo: MTI


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  1. Is there the funding to give this attention to Our Homeless Hungarian Brothers? Or the evicted deviza victims? Or Our struggling pensioners??? Where is the priority of our responsibility stands???

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