European Aerobic Gymnastics Championships hungary baku

The Hungarian team showed the best result in the trio competitions within the 11th European Aerobic Gymnastics Championships.

According to Trend,

Hungarian gymnasts ranked first scoring 22.411 points.

Russian team (second team) ranked second scoring 22.366 points, while team from Romania ranked third scoring 22.133 points.

The finals are being held within the 11th European Aerobic Gymnastics Championships in the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku on May 26. The winners among juniors were named in the first half of the day.

Senior gymnasts are performing in the programs of “Women Individual”, “Men’s Individual”, “Mixed Pairs”, “Trios”, “Groups”, “Aerobic Dance” and “Aerobic Step”.

Among senior gymnasts the Azerbaijani team will perform in aerobic dance program and as part of groups.

Mixed Pairs

  1. Dániel Bali & Fanni Mazacs (HUN) 22.300
  2. Ayse Begum Onbasi & Mehmet Ersos (TUR) 21.900
  3. Dacian Barna & Andreea Bogati (ROU) 21.750


  1. Balázs Farkas, Dániel Bali & Fanni Mazacs (HUN) 22.411
  2. Elena Ivanova, Ekaterina Pykhtova & Anastasia Ziubina (RUS) 2366
  3. Andreea Bogati, Dorin Brotei & Mihai Alin Popa (ROU) 22.133

The European Aerobic Gymnastics Championships is being held in Baku for the first time. The athletes from 22 countries are performing at the Championships.

Source: Trand and UEG

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