In the presence of the Croatian Consul General and the Mayor Zsolt Pava, a large and unique Easter egg was unveiled, which is a present from the Croatian Kapronca-Koros County, says.

The production of large Easter eggs is the project of Kapronca-Koros County. It was launched in 2007 and after a while it became part of the spiritual and cultural heritage. The program was designed to combine the traditional egg painting with naive painting. The project became known around the world and it was shown in several major cities like Prague, Vienna, London, Brussels, New York and Rome. tojás

Croatian naive painters have also joined in the painting of Easter eggs from the outset. Every year, less than 10 works are made in their workshops and they have already got many art awards. The egg, which was given to Pecs, was made by four painters and is decorated with the attractions of the city. In the following years, it will be exhibited in Pecs at Easter .

“This has been the 20th year of the operation of the Consulate General of the Republic of Croatia in Pecs, we are happy to commemorate the close relation between the two nations this occasion. Special thanks go to the city of Pecs, having made a lot for the Croatian community living there and thank to Kapronca-Koros for the gift” – Consul General Vesna Haluga said.

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