Budapest (MTI) – Ride-hailing company Uber has voiced concern over a bill that seeks to ban its services in Hungary.

Zoltán Fekete, a senior executive at the company, told a press conference on Monday held in front of the economy ministry that the ban which would include blocking Uber’s website goes against modern trends and innovation. Uber operates in 415 cities worldwide but its website is not blocked anywhere, Fekete said. He handed over a letter addressed to the economy ministry’s state secretary, saying that the supporting signatures are proof that Uber has “broad social backing” in Hungary. Uber is ready for negotiations with the government, which should focus on creating a legal framework for transport services fit for the 21st century, he said.

In the letter, Uber asks state secretary János Fónagy to hear their proposals on tax and regulations. Fekete said Uber has 150,000 registered users and if it were banned, competition would cease to exist in the sector. From the end of February all Uber drivers have tax numbers, provide an invoice after every trip and hold permits from the transportation authority, he added.

Budapest taxi drivers have taken to the streets four times this year to protest Uber.

The government has said it aims to establish equitable conditions for taxi drivers and takes the side of licensed professionals who comply with the rules and pay their taxes.



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