Taxi drivers protest against Uber


Breaking: Uber available in Budapest again

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Taxi fares can rise again in Budapest while ‘banned’ Uber returns

The Orbán cabinet drove Uber away in 2016, but now they're making a comeback. Meanwhile, taxi drivers are pushing for another fare increase. #taxi #travel #tourism #money #taxifares

Hungarian taxi drivers’ crusade against Bolt continues

Another battlefield has been opened up in the great taxi war in Budapest. #budapest #taxi #bolt #travel

Budapest ranked among cities with best taxi services

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Authority to crack down on tax-evading Uber drivers

Budapest (MTI) – Hungary’s tax authority NAV will identify drivers who have failed to pay their taxes on earlier revenues from ride-hailing service Uber, which no […]

Uber files complaint with EC against Hungary

Budapest (MTI) – Ride-hailing service Uber filed a complaint on Wednesday with the European Commission against Hungary over legislation that the company said made it impossible […]

Hungarian company aims to take Uber’s place on local market

Budapest, July 26 (MTI) – A Hungarian company wants to fill the gap left by ride-sharing company Uber when it pulled out of the country, daily […]

Uber bows out with free drives for loyal passengers

Uber wants to gift its 10 thousand most loyal Hungarian passengers free rides. According to, the bonus trips can be validated in the 21 European […]

Uber to suspend service in Budapest – UPDATE

Budapest, July 13 (MTI) – Ride-hailing service Uber will suspend its operations in Budapest effective July 24 in response to government legislation that the company says […]

Goverment has no intention of banning Uber

Budapest, May 31 (MTI) – The Hungarian government is not looking to ban ride-hailing service Uber but simply wants to ensure that it competes fairly with […]

Forget Uber, Waze is going to be an even bigger shot – VIDEO

Uber has been popular for some time now, but taxi drivers in Hungary keep protesting and pressuring the government to ban the service (read about the […]

Budapest taxi drivers end 6th anti-Uber demo

Budapest, May 17 (MTI) – Budapest taxi drivers on Tuesday afternoon ended the demonstration they began in the morning against ride-hailing service Uber. The drivers blocked […]

Uber asks government to rethink efforts to ban its services

Budapest (MTI) – Ride-hailing company Uber has voiced concern over a bill that seeks to ban its services in Hungary. Zoltán Fekete, a senior executive at […]

Demonstration held in Budapest by taxi drivers against Uber – Videos, Photos

Budapest, April 26 (MTI) – The cabinet at its meeting on Wednesday will consider the option of introducing further sanctions against illegal taxi services, and it […]

Budapest’s traffic gets affected by taxi drivers’ demonstration reports that taxi drivers are preparing for a demonstration on Tuesday, April 26. About 1000 drivers are said to participate in the event, which will […]

Budapest taxi drivers relaunch protest against Uber-update

Budapest, March 10 (MTI) – Small groups of taxi drivers relaunched protests against car dispatcher Uber in central Budapest on Thursday morning. An MTI correspondent spotted […]

Uber – and 110 thousand Hungarians – sent a message to the government in a full-page ad

Uber published a full-page advertisement in the pro-government newspaper Magyar Idők. They would have an offer, said. Uber – which is sharply criticized by taxi […]

Uber not taxi service, says manager

Budapest, February 18 (MTI) – Uber is not a taxi service but an IT company that operates an online marketplace for passenger transport and car sharing, […]

Violating Uber drivers could be stripped of licence

Budapest, February 10 (MTI) – Under a proposal now before the government, ridesharing Uber service providers could lose their licence plates if they were caught breaking […]

Hungary’s tax authority warns Uber drivers to pay taxes

Budapest, February 6 (MTI) – Hungary’s tax authority NAV has published an information pack for Uber drivers, warning them that their ride-hailing services are a taxable […]