Uber has been popular for some time now, but taxi drivers in Hungary keep protesting and pressuring the government to ban the service (read about the most recent protests here, here, and here). Meanwile, a new carpooling service has been developed, Business Insider writes.

While taxi and Uber drivers are fighting with each other, Google has developed a new application called Waze, which is a carpooling service and works similar to Uber. It’s already being tested in California’s Bay Area, and their aim is to reduce the size of traffic in rush hour.

Waze is invite-only for now, so only people working at certain companies (such as Adobe or Google) have access to the service. The app pairs up people who have the closest home/work addresses, and similar departure times.

Although it might look a lot like Uber, users of Waze will only pay for their fair share of gas, and will not be able to make money off of the service. Also, it might help Google to collect data about the commute patterns of the residents, which could be useful for further developing their self-driving car.

There are two different apps: one for riders and one for drivers, and it will handle all the coordination, communication and payment.

Watch the company’s video here:

Video: Youtube/Waze

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Source: businessinsider.com

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