Hungarian higher education might cease to exist in Transcarpathia, Ukraine. According to a law, passed in the Kiev parliament yesterday, in Ukraine the “language of higher education is the Ukrainian”, thus, almost every class must be instructed in this language.

The bid was submitted in May to the Kiev parliament. At the same time Ildikó Orosz, head of the Hungarian University of Transcarpathia told that the proposal might endanger the mere existence of this institution, since most of the classes were held in Hungarian.

The only “concession” of the Ukrainian government was that they allowed some subjects to be instructed in the language of the minorities living in Ukraine (e.g. Hungarian grammar and literature shall be taught in Hungarian language), but only if they can guarantee paralell lectures in Ukrainian.

The law passed yesterday. Hungarian press, that is usually so sensible to the Ukrainian affairs, has dubiously remained silent. The silence is more shocking in the Transcarpathian press. Until Wednesday evening (24 hours after the vote in the parliament) not even one local Hungarian portal has reported about the law, that endangeres the only Hungarian university in the country. According to our sources, that are familiar to the situation in the county, all the press in the region (including the Hungarian organs) are held by Viktor Baloga, a local oligarch, who is loyal to the Kiev government. Well, it seems that the control is strong.

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  1. This story has problems.
    A bid is not put forth to parliament…maybe, a private members’ bill? Bids are put forth to committees for attached to proposals for work to be done, services to be rendered (like building ships for the navy or putting new windows into the parliament buildings.)

    The only ‘concession’…..they allowed some subjects….(should be: will allow, because it will occur in the future, it has not occurred in the past)
    Hungarian press….so sensible to ….(should be: sensitive to) And, using the word DUBIOUSLY gives the impression that something suspicious is taking place, The word hints at unethical behavior and could be seen as slander.
    Until Wednesday evening…..about the law, that endangers….(should be: the law, which endangers…. ) because you have a comma after the word law.
    According to our sources, that are…..(should be: who are) because sources are people.
    In this same sentence it goes on to say : According to our sources….are familiar to the situation…(should be: are familiar with the….)
    And finally, the word ‘oligarch’. If you ask 500 English speaking, average, newspaper reading adults what the work means, not 1 will have ever heard such an obsolete word.

  2. @ilona kate Hannah
    Time tells, right? Your wrong? The Uki’s stabbed their EURO neighbours in the back while hosting all their ethnics. This wont end well this way. Your reading between the line is something to laugh at, so im doing, LMFAO!!!!!

  3. I’m worried for the UKrainian people and their ethnics, as they are showing to be once again run by a super evil group in the background. The Russians are not too concerned about the goings on as long as no warring group starts up. Yet the Russians are being blamed a bit too much here. I wonder what the UKI government is!!! Maybe it’s another form of ISIS. 😉

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