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The “Stop Soros” laws passed on Wednesday criminalising people and organisations that assist asylum seekers are “shameful” and “xenophobic”, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, has said.

As we wrote on Wednesday, Hungarian parliament passed the “Stop Soros” package of laws that penalise activities in support of illegal migration, read more HERE.

“The constant stoking of hatred by the current government for political gain has led to this latest shameful development, which is blatantly xenophobic and runs counter to European and international human rights standards and values,” Ra’ad al-Hussein said on Thursday.

The UN commissioner condemned the decision of Hungarian lawmakers, saying it was an attack on fundamental human rights and freedoms in Hungary.

Venice Commission calls on Hungary to repeal provisions of ‘Stop Soros’

Certain provisions of the “Stop Soros” package of laws on illegal migration should be repealed as it seriously impairs legitimate NGO work, the Venice Commission said in an opinion adopted on Friday.

The Council of Europe’s advisory body on constitutional issues acknowledged that many European countries criminalize assistance to entry, stay or transit of irregular migrants against financial gain.

“Such a criminal offence is not necessarily contrary to international human rights standards,” the opinion said.

However, Hungary’s “Stop Soros” law, which parliament passed on Wednesday, “unfairly criminalises organisational activities not directly related to the materialisation of illegal migration, including preparing or distributing informational materials or initiating asylum requests for migrants,” the commission said.


Ruling Fidesz said the Venice Commission’s call for repealing provisions of “Stop Soros” showed that US financier George “Soros’s anti-Hungarian lobbying activities” had been restarted. As part of this activity, the commission defends Soros’s pro-migration network, Fidesz said in a statement.

“Soros has his people everywhere”, the statement said.

“For us, the protection of Hungary and the security of Hungarians come first”, it added.

Source: MTi

  1. Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is a Hypocrite. This is why Trump has stopped supporting this NGO central command. Zeid is next inline to the throne in IRAQ, and his dad is Prince Ra’ad bin Zeid, Lord Chamberlain of Jordan. The only interest they shows is to litter the rest of the world with their country’s problems that they cannot solve, neither can the people. Royalty in Oil, keepers of the wealth. They are both the rich and shameless!
    Here are his details; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeid_Raad_Al_Hussein
    Here is what they turn their blind eyes too, the problem of extremists; https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/rotherham-grooming-gang-sexual-abuse-muslim-islamist-racism-white-girls-religious-extremism-a8261831.html
    Hungary’s “Stop Soros” law, which parliament passed on Wednesday, “fairly criminalises organisational activities directly related to the materialisation of illegal migration into the EU.

  2. Is Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights able to take his position in the UN? Does he want to hide the truth that Hillary Clinton and George Soros took over power in the Democratic Party about 10 years ago and then misused it for many illegal and criminal activities. The former agent of the American secret service Gary Byrne, known by many, has filed an official complaint against the corrupt Democratic dominated ‘Deep State’ around the Clintons and EU partner / globalist George Soros. Because it is a private person and not the state that accuses them, they will not end up behind bars so quickly. Nevertheless, it is a clear signal of the increasing resistance to the neofascist ‘New World Order’ in Washington and Brussels. The charges include Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, John ‘pedo-pizzagate’ Podesta, David Brock, the Clinton Foundation, Media Matters for America and the Clinton Global Initiative. Byrne was in favor of his role in the deposition proceedings against Bill Clinton, in which he demonstrated that the then president opposed the legal process and, with the help of his friends in politics, brutally misused his power, was proclaimed ‘Clinton enemy’. In recent years, several previous articles have paid attention to the ever-increasing ‘Clinton Kill List’, with the names of more than 100 people – sometimes very high positions – which posed a threat to the Clintons and then under suspicious circumstances life came. The collective ‘Deep State’ clique around the Clintons and Soros is referred to in the indictment as the ‘Enterprise’, which is’ synonymous with criminal behavior, unfounded malicious attacks (mainly through illegal and false defamation tactics against suspected political enemies such as agent Gary Byrne) and coordination via (e) mail and telephone to violate a very large number of federal and state laws, in which the non-profit branches of the Enterprise were only used for party political matters. This ‘Company’ got so much power that in the US people and communication were tapped on an unprecedented scale to oppose the official investigations into the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton (the notorious email scandal). The goal: to make Hillary Clinton the 45th president of America and to further enrich himself during this process. Studies by the Congress have shown that Hillary Clinton and a number of other known and unknown persons affiliated with the Company have conspired with parts of the Russian secret services (SVR and FSB), as well as the now disgraced former British secret agent Christopher Steele to achieve their illegal and unconstitutional goals. In doing so, they deliberately misled the judiciary on many occasions using the most powerful counter-intelligence methods available. About 10 years ago Bill and Hillary Clinton, together with founder George Soros and David Brock, managed to take over control of the Democratic Party through the Company. For example, the three government branches could be misused as they are laid down in the FISA Act (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act). Through the research firm Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele and agents of the SVR and FSB could be paid (for compiling the fake Trump / Russia file). In other words, in order to destroy their enemies, the members of the Company – including certain figures in Obama’s Ministry of Justice – were prepared to defy all legal and constitutional rules and to deceive various judges and tribunals. Incidentally, the appointed judge in the indictment, Paul Friedman, was appointed by Bill Clinton at the time. It is slow, but the net around the globalist clique is about to close. Should the Clintons and Soros be condemned at some point in the future, then it will also be proven that the EU has worked closely for years with a ‘white collar’ top criminal, namely George Soros, whose ‘Open Society’ foundations are official EU partners. in destroying European borders, democracies and cultures through mass immigration from the Islamic world, and the creation of a totalitarian Superstate. Isn’t it a nice world we are living in?

  3. It’s amusing to once again see the EU stand up for immigration, “It’s failed if you had not notice”. Please listen we the people do not want mass immigration, do you not understand that Europe is not a continued dumping ground for the whole of Asia and Africa. These people must be returned from whence they came to stop them coming here, and the UN and left wing rabble understand we’ve done our bit and we just do not have the fiscal resources to pay for the infra structure to cope with this surge of people and should concentrate on our own citizens needs. This also means Soros and his economic policy of importation of cheap labour to him and his mates in big business means big profits due to cheap labour by incomers which in turn due to over supply of labour keeps real wages down. Mr Soros we run democracy’s here not feudal fifedoms. As you are an american citiizen why don’t you visit Pittsberg and Detroit and preach immigration to the Blue collar workers there.

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