These unmatched evening concerts include performances by Kátya Tompos, Péter Geszti, Gramophonia Hot Jazz Orchestra and Budapest Bar, plus many others. 

Budapest Klezmer Band

July 6, 2016 Wednesday 8:30pm (rain date: 07.07.2016)
Venue: Zoo Budapest, Main Entrace Square
Budapest Klezmer Band – Klezmer magic
Guest performer: Eszter Bíró
Known and loved across Europe and the United States, the Budapest Klezmer Band performs traditional Jewish music. The melodies they play come from various regions of Central Eastern Europe where the culture of Jewish music has deep roots. The band’s founder and leader, Ferenc „Fegya” Jávori was born in Mukacheve (Munkács) and received the Kossuth Prize for his achievements.

Kátya Tompos

July 13, 2016 Wednesday 20:30 (rain date: 07.14.2016)
Venue: Zoo Budapest, Great Lakeside
Kátya Tompos – Across Europe
Kátya Tompos graduated as a musical actress at the Hungarian Academy of Theatre and Film. In recent years, the audiencehad the chance to see her in many theatrical productions and movies. She is less well-known as a singer, even though she is skilled in jazz, pop, and world music.Kátya’s first solo album is titled Across Europe. Her concert is a magical journey from England to Russia with music sung in English, French, Bulgarian, Hungarian, and Russian – an exciting adventure in various musical genres from the East to the West.

Ági Szalóki

July 20, 2016 Wednesday 8:30pm (rain date: 07.21.2016)
Venue: Zoo Budapest, Great Lakeside
Ági Szalóki – The World Is But A Day
Ági Szalóki evokes Katalin Karády, Edith Piaf and Amália Rodrigues to sing what the divas knew about love, desire, pride, flirtation, sorrow and fulfillment. Ági Szalóki’s reworked songbook features bittersweet Hungarian swing hits from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, smouldering French chansons, and Portugese fado songs arranged by two extraordinary musician-composers, saxophonist Kristóf Bacsó and guitarist Gábor Juhász.

The Vujicsics Band

July 27, 2016 Wednesday 8:30pm (rain date: 07.28.2016)
Venue: Zoo Budapest, Great Lakeside
The Vujicsics Band with Ferenc Sebő – „Na kraj sela”

The Vujicsics Band with Ferenc Sebő
The Vujicsics Band with Ferenc Sebő

Awarded with the prestigious Kossuth Prize, the Vujicsics Band band cultivates folk traditions and presents the many hues of South Slavicmusic in its original form with traditional instruments and impeccable musicianship. Their career spans countless concerts both in Hungary and abroad. This evening is guaranteed to be another great concert where the more daring members of the audience may even start dancing. The special guest of the evening is Ferenc Sebő. Like Vujicsics, Sebő is a living legend, with a never-ending penchant for self-renewal.

Gramophonia Hot Jazz Orchestra

August 3, 2016 Wednesday 8:30pm (rain date: 08.04.2016)
Venue: Zoo Budapest, Main Entrace Square
Tamás Bényei and the Gramophonia Hot Jazz Orchestra – „I’m All For You”
Dance Show
A new orchestra in the Hungarian traditional jazz scene which covers the emblematic melodies of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s with a unique sense of style and expression. The remarkable and charming voice of lead singer Tamás complements the music perfectly. This evening promises to take the audience for a trip back in time to the golden days of jazz. The concert will be accompanied by a dance show to heighten the spectacle.

András Kern

August 10, 2016 Wednesday 8:30pm (rain date: Monday, 08.22.2016)
Venue: Zoo Budapest, Main Entrace Square
András Kern – Lövölde tér
Guest performers: Judit Hernádi and Gábor Heilig
The song Lövölde tér performed by actor/director/singer András Kern was released 30 years ago and remained unforgettable ever since. Kern went on the create more records, with Semmi baj (2010) being the latest. At this live concert, he will perform his new songs as well as his earlier hits, including Hé, 67!, Pincér-rock, Moszkva, Te majd kézen fogsz és hazavezetsz, and Semmi baj – and, of course, Lövölde tér. Beside the great songs, the performance will feature notable guest artists and their trademark humour and affectionate irony.

Péter Geszti

August 17, 2016 Wednesday 8:30pm (rain date: 08.18.2016)
Venue: Zoo Budapest, Main Entrace Square
Péter Geszti – LétVágy
After the success of Rapülők, Jazz+Az, and Gringo Sztár, showman Péter Geszti started his most recent project, GESZTI, in the spring of 2016.His new album is called Létvágy (Lust for Life) which features 14 songs, 13 performers, and 11 composers, and took 18 months to create. The songs on LétVágy evoke the spirit of Repülők and Jazz+Az in a contemporary way. Accordig to Péter Geszti,„It’s both retro and modern. Retro because you have gotten older since you first heard my music and as modern as you yourself feel young. I am a man of many emotions, so the songs come in all sorts of moods and styles.It’s the fifty-one shades of being Geszti.”

Budapest BarBudapest Bar

August 24, 2016 Wednesday 8:30pm (rain date: 08.25.2016)
Venue: Zoo Budapest, Main Entrace Square
Budapest Bar
Extraordinary performers, an amazing band, and great songs – this is the recipe of Budapest Bár’s wild success. Budapest Bár redefined the way we think about how a gypsy band could sound. It showed us how to rework long-forgotten songs that were thought to be old fashioned. Year after year, Budapest Bár attracts a huge audience to the Budapest Zoo for their sold-out shows, and they are very happy to prepare for their next show this August. The concert will showcase some old favourites as well as this summer’s new and refreshed repertoire. Featured singers include Dóri Behumi, Bori Rutkai, Juci Németh, László Kollár-Klemencz, and Misi Mező.


• Opening time: 19:00
• Before the concert guests are invited for a walk in the Zoo, with opportunity to have snacks and beveragesin the zoo’s confectionary and café.
• Seat reservation is in order of arrival.


Tickets are available at the entrances of the Zoo every day, or at the evening of the performance.
Ticket price: HUF 3500
• Rain date policy: In case of bad weather, the concert will be delayed, tickets are valid for the announced rain date. If there is an alternate rain date for the performance, the tickets cannot be redeemed.

Ticket distribution:
Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden (main entrance) ticket offices
1146 Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 6-12.
Buy ticket online:

Source: Budapest Zoo

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