Café Parisi, Budapest, architecture, reopened

The historical Lotz Hall’s café has been abandoned for two years on Andrássy Street, Budapest. When the department store’s renovation was completed in 2009, the café already existed and cooperated with the Alexandra Bookstore, and served guests with amazing coffees and other delicacies. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt two years ago. But now everything has changed, and the café reopened.

Index reported that the Paris Department House not only gives place to the unique and spectacular Avatar exhibition but its historical café at Lotz Hall has been reopened and awaits every guest who decides to enter the department house.

The new café got the name Café Parisi and guests can drink and eat delicacies under the 19th century’s greatest paintings and murals by legendary painters and artists. The Paris Department Store was built between 1909 and 1911, but this hall which is decorated by Károly Lotz’s murals is older! It is the remain of an old casino from 1884.

Café Parisi, Budapest, Hungary, café, reopened

The hall got its name from Lotz Károly who was one of the 19th century’s most prominent and famous painters. His other works can be found at the Opera House, St. Stephans Basilica, Parliament and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Lotz’s magnificent and rare mural was inspired by the mural at Sixtus Chapel, in the Vatican. The mural is placed into a painted, Pompeii-styled frame. When the casino was seriously damaged architectures still found it too beautiful to demolish, and they came up with the solution of building the casino into the new Paris Department Store. Luckily, it was untouched by World War II and the Soviet regime.

The new Café Parisi serves its delicacies with the finest Zsolnay ceramics. The tables are covered with marble and the guests sit on the finest Thonet-chairs. It is more spacious as the big old pieces of furniture have been removed.

Café Parisi, Hungary, Budapest, café, reopened

Café Parisi, cake, Budapest, Hungary, reopened, café

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