Szegedi Tudományegyetem
University of Szeged

The university of Szeged, in southern Hungary, will benefit from a government grant of 21 billion forints (EUR 68.7m) to improve its health care services and education infrastructure, the justice minister announced at a ceremony opening the 2017/18 academic year on Saturday. 

László Trócsányi voiced the government’s commitment to supporting education and said that it considers universities as partners. Szeged University is a “flagship” and supporting that institution equals support for the city, he added.

Out of the grant, the university could renew the building housing its law faculty, refurbish its music faculty and its concert hall, while the medical faculty will be equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, the minister said.

The university’s clinic serves 1.6 million people in the region, Trócsányi noted, and added that the new developments will enable the medical facilities to receive more patients, from across the country.

As we wrote on Friday, as the next university session begins, Le Figaro was interested in how much French exchange students spend on living costs. For this purpose, they examined the data collected by the French Uniplace site, reports Uniplace’s goal was to find those five European university cities, where an Erasmus student has to spend the least on establishing normal living conditions. Budapest came first, followed by Prague, Porto, Warsaw, and Lisbon.


Source: MTI

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