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After years of academia, grad students often need a sabbatical between graduate degrees. Going from a master’s to an online doctor of education degree is no easy feat, especially when students have worked throughout their college years to subsidize their studies. Going to university is not cheap and after working hard to excel in school while eking out a living, a sabbatical in Hungary seems like a sabbatical in heaven. Here is some of what graduate students love about a Hungarian sabbatical.

Sabbatical Home Exchange in Major Cities throughout Hungary

Actually, many grad students don’t take a traditional sabbatical because they can continue their education in a foreign country as long as there is Internet. With a home exchange program like the one in Hungary, grad students can take limited classes for an online doctor of education degree, for example, and still take time to rest and see the sights. Not only is Hungary steeped in history, it has beautiful countryside and much to explore while breaking away from studies to get that much needed rest.

A Glimpse of What Communism Was Like in Europe

While staying in Budapest, a student working towards a higher education leadership degree is immersed in what life was like during a Communist regime. There are even tours that take students through areas that were central to the Communist movement and tour guides describe what it was like as the first Soviet country to join the Russian Soviet Republic. Hungarians are proud of being the only country under Soviet rule that developed a special relationship with high ranking Russian leaders and so enjoyed greater freedoms than other nations of the Soviet bloc. As a result, their special form of government became known as ‘Goulash Communism’ and a grad student studying for a doctorate in higher education can take a tour through cities like Budapest, which reveals this rich past to visitors on sabbatical.

Churches Alive Once Again

It is thought that Hungarians are now happy to have greater religious freedoms than they had during Communism. Remember, as anyone studying for an online doctor of education in higher education knows, the government was ‘God’ during Soviet rule, so churches, for the most part, were forbidden. As a people of faith, Hungarians now enjoy greater religious freedoms than at any time for more than fifty years and they are happy to show grad students the churches which have once again come alive.

Any student studying for a higher education leadership degree will marvel at the advances Hungary has seen during and since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Perhaps this is one of the quietly proud nations in Europe that is seldom heard from in global news, but a nation that has made great strides in restoring a capitalistic government. A beautiful nation filled with history and a people in love with life, Hungary is well loved by U.S. graduate students seeking a bit of solitude between or during studies that take so much out of them mentally, physically and often even emotionally. Looking for a European nation to spend your sabbatical? Hungary is just what the doctor (of higher education that is!) ordered.

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