According to, MAV (Hungarian Railways) rose in price on the newly renovated line of the southern shore of Balaton. Reserved seat tickets will be mandatory on the Balaton Express lines, not just for those who travel in InterCity wagons but also for normal express trains as well.

The trains, which travel to the Balaton every two hours and offer InterCity and normal express wagons, have been labeled as Balaton Express trains and the reserved seat tickets have become mandatory, although the same wagons are used and the travel time wasn’t reduced remarkably – said.

In the Budapest-Siofok context, it means that the HUF 2375 ticket’ price will rise to HUF 2675 by the mandatory reserved seat ticket. This means about a 13% increase compared to early June.

Although there are speed trains, which operate according to the summer timetable every 2 hours, where mandatory reserved seat tickets are not needed, but their running time is usually longer, sometimes 10 minutes longer, but it is more often that the difference is 30 minutes until Siofok and 50 minutes until Fonyod typically. pointed out that many passengers face the fact only at the station, that the reserved seat ticket is mandatory, so it can be that the train is full and someone can’t get in. So it is increasingly important that you should buy your ticket in advance, for example on the Internet.

MAV said at the presentation of this year’s Balaton timetable that “the mandatory reserved seat ticket will make the travel more comfortable” on the Balaton Express operating to Keszthely every 2 hours, because of that, on these lines, there will be guaranteed seats for the passengers who buy their tickets in time.

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